1 kilogram Gold Bar

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Our 1 Kilo Gold Bars are available as a low-cost way to get involved with this precious metal. They were designed for investors looking to invest in gold, with no preference regarding the mint that produces it, or even the way it looks. This option was created as a way of providing high quality .9999 gold to customers at close to spot price, offering a fantastic opportunity for serious investors.

We source the very best bars containing 1 kilogram of 99.99% gold, all of which have been certified by the LBMA. These bars may be stamped with the logo and name of the mint that produced it, and most of them come with unique serial numbers to make them easier to identify. These bars do not come with assay certificates, but the guarantee provided by the London Bullion Market Association assures purity and quality. Additional stamps and marks may also be included on the bars, but these are dependent on the individual mints that supply them. The bars are not packaged and are delivered loose.

1 kilogram equates to 32.15 troy ounces, a veritable brick of gold that will not look out of place in any precious metal collection, and will also provide great liquidity when it comes time to sell. This is because the bars are available at close to spot price, and because they can either be sold on directly, or melted down into smaller denominations and then sold piece by piece. What’s more, with the secure storage vaults owned by GoldBroker, this gold brick never even needs to pass through your hands for you to profit from it. Although it’s not everyday you see such a large piece of gold, so it’s worth scheduling a visit to see your collection or even arranging delivery of it.

LBMA Guarantee

The London Bullion Market Association is an official precious metal certifier that is based in London, but operates in countries around the world. All of the biggest precious metal refiners, dealers and minters are listed with the LBMA, as are the biggest gold-hoarding banks and private organizations. This is known as the Good Delivery list, which is where the term “Good Delivery Bar” comes from. This is the standard for all gold and silver, and indeed for all precious metal providers. The London Bullion Market Association has a global reach, and the standard it sets and the impact that it has determines the direction of all precious metal markets.

Only the best bars created using the best techniques are able to pass muster with the LBMA, and with our 1 Kilo Gold Bars you are guaranteed this quality regardless of the mint that produced your particular bar.

We also provide our own guarantee to our customers, promising only the best bars from the best mints.

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  • 1 kilogram
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  • 9999
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