Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that are regularly asked by our clients. Look for the answers to your questions below.

Account and profile

To access the account opening form, click on “Create an account”.

In the first field of the form, indicate whether you wish to open an "individual" or a "company" account.

Fill in the required fields, set up your account password, and then check the boxes “I accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy” and “I’m not a robot” before clicking on the “Validate” button. 

If you wish to receive our publications as well as information about our new products and services, click on “I subscribe to the newsletter”.

After validation of the form, you will receive a welcoming email confirming your account creation.

Once your account has been created, you will have access to your client area. Before you can buy precious metals, you will need to verify your profile by providing the required supporting documents.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the creation of your profile, please contact us.

The 3-step verification of your profile (identity, address and bank account) is an essential process to protect the security of your personal and financial data, and to maintain a reliable and secure online environment.

  • AML / KYC policy: As part of the fight against money laundering (Anti Money Laundering or AML) and our internal KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, we are required to verify the identity of our customers.

  • Security of personal information: Verifying your profile ensures that you are the true owner of the account. This prevents unauthorized access and protects your personal and financial information against identity theft and fraud.

  • Fraud prevention: Profile verification helps prevent fraudulent activity by confirming that you are legitimate and limiting the possibility of creating multiple or fictitious accounts in order to fool the system.

  • Access to advanced features: Profile verification is required to access all our features, including the ability to buy precious metals online.

To verify your profile, you must provide the following supporting documents:


  • Proof of identity (valid passport or driving licence).
  • Proof of address (utility bill dated within the last 3 months).
  • Proof of bank account (bank identity statement or banking details).


  • Company registration certificate.
  • Company Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Proof of identity of all directors and shareholders (valid passport or driving licence).
  • Proof of address of company's registered office (rental agreement or utility bill dated within the last 3 months).
  • Proof of bank account (bank identity statement or banking details).

Our team will then review your application, verify all submitted documents and carry out due diligence, before communicating their final decision to you. In order to comply with certain regulations, we reserve the right to request additional documents if necessary.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the verification of your profile, please contact us.

Our identity verification process uses artificial intelligence and video streaming technology developed by Ubble.

This technology, which has been adopted by a number of major banking institutions, has been designed to guarantee maximum security against identity theft, document fraud and personal data leakage.

The biometric remote identification device verifies the match between the data on your ID and the data collected from a video capture of your face. The aim is to prevent all forms of digital counterfeiting (deep fakes) and to come as close as possible to what happens during a physical encounter; the video enables the detection of reflections, holograms, plasticity and rigidity of the document. Proof-of-life and "document-face" matching guarantee the user's legitimacy. 

The identity verification process is fast (under 3 minutes), secure and fully compliant with regulations.



To ensure that the information captured by the video is perfectly usable, AI will guide you through the entire process. Your smartphone must have a good quality internet connection and a camera.

However, it sometimes happens that valid documents are rejected. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Incorrect positioning of the document: The document should be held in one hand, not placed on a table or the floor. If in doubt about how to hold the ID document, refer to the animation provided during this step.

  • Masked information: All information on the document must be legible. Fingers may obscure the ID photo or part of the personal information (notably the machine-readable zone at the bottom of the document).

  • Poor lighting: Document legibility may be impaired by poor lighting conditions, as well as by reflections from the sun or a lamp. The ideal location is indoors, near a window, during the day.

  • Accessories: When capturing video, it is essential to remove any accessory that might hide facial features, such as glasses, scarves or hats.

  • Incorrect movement: For some documents, you may be asked to tilt the camera back and forth. This movement must in particular make it possible to reveal the holograms of the document.

Verifying your bank account as part of the KYC procedure ensures security, regulatory compliance and protection against fraud.

  • The proof of bank account ensures, by means of an official document from your bank (bank details or bank statement), that you are indeed the holder of the account used for your buy-sell transactions, and that the information provided corresponds to reality. This considerably reduces the risk of fraud, such as the use of false identity or fictitious bank accounts.

  • By informing us in advance of the source or recipient account, this process prevents any malicious attempts to realize transactions in your name without your authorization.

  • We also carry out a comparative analysis of several pieces of information, including the country of origin of the funds and the account holder's tax residence. In certain situations, we may request additional information to ensure the accuracy of the data.

  • Bank account verification plays an essential role in the fight against financial crime, helping to identify and report suspicious activities such as money laundering or terrorist financing.

The online procedure for submitting your supporting documents takes just a few minutes. Your profile will usually be verified very quickly, in less than 24 hours.

That said, the time it takes for our team to verify your profile may vary depending on several factors, such as :

  • Individual or company: The number of documents or information to be verified is greater for company accounts, but also joint accounts.

  • Influx of applications: Verification time may be influenced by the number of applications in progress.

  • The quality of the information supplied: In the case of unclear or incomplete information, delays may occur while the missing information is provided.

Your peace of mind is our priority, and we want to assure you that your confidentiality is protected at every stage of the verification process.

We work with trusted partners (Ubble, VeriffComply Advantage) who adhere to the most stringent security standards and have a proven track record in the industry. The technologies we use are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity, guaranteeing the protection of your personal information.

To maintain a secure environment, we recommend that you follow these best practices:

  • Make sure you use the official website to verify your profile. Avoid clicking on links from unreliable e-mails or sources, as these could be phishing attempts.

  • Make sure the site URL begins with "https://" rather than simply "http://". The presence of an "s" indicates that the connection is secure and that data is encrypted during transmission. A small padlock next to the URL is also a security indicator.

  • Avoid verifying your account using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, as they may be vulnerable to attack. Instead, use a private, secure network.

If your profile verification has failed, here are some steps you can take to resolve the problem:

  • Check the information entered: Make sure you have correctly entered all the information requested during the verification process. Check that your name, e-mail address, telephone number, address and any other data entered are correct.

  • Check your documents: Make sure the supporting documents you provide are valid and legible. If necessary, try submitting different documents, or make sure your documents are up to date.

  • Retry the verification process: Sometimes, errors can occur during the online verification process. You may have missed a step, or the system may have encountered a temporary error. Try the process again, following the instructions carefully.

If verification continues to fail, please contact us.

Banned jurisdictions countries

GOLDBROKER LTD will not maintain any relationships, process payments to or from, or undertake commercial transactions with entities or individuals mentioned in UK financial sanctions list or based in the countries listed below:

  • Afghanistan
  • Burma / Myanmar
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

High-risk third countries

GOLDBROKER LTD identifies the following countries as "high-risk third countries” for anti-money laundering (AML) purposes, meaning that all operations or clients from these countries will be subject to enhanced due diligence.

The UK's high-risk third countries for anti-money laundering (AML) purposes are set out in the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) lists on 'jurisdictions under increased monitoring' and 'high-risk jurisdictions subject to a call for action” as mentioned below:

  • Barbados
  • Bulgaria
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cameroon
  • Croatia
  • Gibraltar
  • Haiti
  • Jamaica
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Turkey
  • Uganda
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam

In accordance with (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (High-Risk Countries) (Amendment) Regulations 2024 with measures set out in Regulation 33(3)(a) and aligned with lists published by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Access your client area using your login details (email and password), then click on the "My bars and coins" tab.

A first table shows the total value of your gold and silver stocks and their performances.

A second table, more detailed, lets you get information by product : refiner, serial number, weight, storage location, date of purchase, buying price, current value and performance.

Log in to your client area using your credentials, then click on “My transactions”.

All transactions are listed in chronological order: bank transfers, buy orders, sell orders, storage fee payments, etc.

Click the attachment to view or download the transaction proof.

First, check that your mailbox is not full (in this case, clear your inbox).

You should also check your Spam box. Some providers put automatic filters in place and emails from may get directed elsewhere. This can be prevented by adding us to your contacts.

Wait a few minutes. It’s possible that the email delivery was delayed or there may be a delay between the time of sending and receiving.

If having done all this you do not receive any emails from, please contact us.

The obligation to declare and pay taxes on your precious metal investment depends on the tax legislation of your country of residence, the type of investment you hold and how you acquired it.

The consequences of tax non-compliance can include fines, penalties and prosecution, so it's important to inform yourself and comply with local tax legislation.

Learn more: Precious Metals Taxes is not authorized to provide tax or legal advice. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient knowledge of the taxation applicable to your personal situation, we recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified professional.

According to the IRS website, U.S. investors do not need to report their holdings with GoldBroker on the Fbar or Form 8938.

The reason is that GoldBroker is not a counter-party but rather a facilitator. All our investors are direct owners of their gold. GoldBroker is not a custodian of the gold and silver.

See question 20:

Scroll to the 3rd from bottom box in the table, “Precious Metals Held Directly”:

We cannot provide tax, legal or other advice, so if you are not sure about the application of FATCA to your personal circumstances, we recommend that you seek independent advice from a qualified professional.

Upon presentation of a death certificate, right holders recover possession of the deceased’s estate. 

However, there are several things you can do to ensure efficient estate administration:

  • Make sure your identity is registered in your "client" area: consistency with the death certificate will be checked.
  • Send us the identity of the person to contact for managing your estate if/when we are notified of your death.
  • Make sure that someone knows about your investment.

In the event of death, the customer's administrators, successors and assigns must contact us.

After reviewing the death notice, will take into account the legislation in force in the deceased's country of residence, and the administrators will be asked to provide all the necessary documentation for the transmission of precious metals.

To sponsor a friend wishing to buy precious metals, simply join our affiliate program:

1. Fill out the affiliate registration form.

2. Click on the activation link that we sent you by e-mail.

3. Log on to your affiliate account.

4. Go to “Marketing Tools” to find your affiliation links and banners.

Learn more: Affiliate program

To update your supporting documents or personal information, please contact our support via secure messaging.

If you forget your password, simply click on "Forgot password?" on the login page and follow the instructions.

A password reset e-mail will then be sent to the e-mail address associated with your account.

To request immediate and definitive deletion of your account, please contact our support via secure messaging.


Gold has proven its role as a safe haven throughout history. It retains its value over the long term, and can serve as protection against inflation, currency devaluation and economic crises. For its part, silver also has the advantage of being a store of intrinsic value, as well as being a metal widely used in industry, notably as part of the ecological transition. What's more, silver is a relatively affordable metal. 

Once the metal has been chosen, the next step is to determine the type of product: 

Several bars sizes are available on You'll pay a lower premium (i.e., the difference between the value of the metal contained in the product and the selling price) by buying larger ingots. That said, buying small bars allows you to invest in tranches and resell part of your stock in case of an urgent need for liquidity.

There is also a wide variety of coins from different countries and with different characteristics, such as purity and weight. The bullion coins available on are issued by governments and are widely accepted and recognized worldwide. They offer the advantage of high liquidity and fractionability. What's more, these coins have aesthetic value for collectors and investors alike. Note, however, that the premium on bullion coins is generally higher than that on bars.

Your choice of product will depend on your investment objectives, personal preference and financial situation.

To explore our selection of products, please access the "Bars & Coins" tab in the main menu, then browse the product page you are interested in for full information on pricing, specifications and availability.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All bullion bars and coins for sale on come from refiners certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA): Valcambi, US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, RMC, Asahi etc.

This guarantees that products meet the highest standards of quality and purity.

Bars are considered “investment grade” gold when they have a minimum purity of ‘two nines five’ (995 or 99.5% pure). Investment grade silver needs to have a minimum purity of ‘three nines’ (999 or 99.9%), while platinum and palladium are required to have a purity of ‘three nines five’ (9995 or 99.95%). Coins need to have a minimum fineness of 900/1000 (90%) and have been minted after 1800 to be categorized as bullion. 

Precious metals have never left the professional circuit since they were manufactured, and are sold with a certificate of authenticity. Their traceability and authenticity are thus guaranteed.

You can check the availability of a bar or a coin (for storage and delivery) on the corresponding product page, just above the price.

In case of unavailability, we provide you with a list of other products with similar characteristics. 

If you wish to be notified when a product is available again, please contact us.

If you can't find the product you're looking for on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We may be able to place a special order for this product with our suppliers.

Premiums vary from one product to another depending on several factors – here’s a short list:

  • Weight: generally speaking, the smaller the product, the higher the premium in relation to the amount of metal.
  • Fineness.
  • Production method: cast or struck.
  • Demand for such product on the market or in a particular geographical area.
  • Refiner's brand.
  • Costs incurred for a particular design.

For coins, other factors come into play:

  • Their condition.
  • The date of issue.

Gold and silver coins are sold in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) state sealed in their original packaging. They have never left the professional chain.

Yes, the taxation on gold and silver can differ from one product to another, depending on various factors, such as the metal, the type of product, the length of time held, the country of residence, and current tax legislation.

That's why it's essential to familiarize yourself with local tax laws, and to consult a tax expert if necessary, to maximize your tax benefits while complying with current legislation.


The minimum amount required for a first order is $5,000 (excluding service fees).

No minimum amount required on subsequent orders.

To place an order, you must first verify your profile.

Orders less than $85,000 can be placed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, directly from our website. A credit card imprint is required to complete the order.

The complete process is described here: How to order

Orders for an amount greater than $85,000 are made on quotation and executed by our team on the basis of the spot price on receipt of funds.

Purchase orders must be paid exclusively by bank transfer.

Invoices for storage fees or additional services can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

You can also use the positive balance in your client area to make payments. makes every effort to protect its clients' financial information and ensure secure transactions.

Our payment partner holds PCI-DSS certification, guaranteeing its compliance with the strictest security standards. Every financial transaction is secured by advanced encryption technology.

If you have an online bank account, you can use it to make an international transfer to the GOLDBROKER LTD account at Barclays in London.

Otherwise, please go directly to your physical branch with proof of identity, the invoice corresponding to the transaction, and payment instructions.


  • Bank details :

To access our bank details, you must first verify your profile.

The destination account holder is GOLDBROKER LTD.

Please note: as your client account is not a bank account, do not enter your name as the holder of the destination account.

Be sure to enter your invoice number in the transfer reference.


  • Settlement currency :

GOLDBROKER LTD has a bank account for each of the following currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, CAD.

To transfer euros, please use our euro account details (to transfer US dollars, please use our US dollar account details etc.).

Please note that sending US dollars to a euro account will incur additional exchange charges applied by the banks involved in the transaction.


  • SEPA or non-SEPA bank transfer :

The GOLDBROKER LTD bank account at Barclays London is located within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). Despite the Brexit, the UK remains in the SEPA zone.

The fees of a transfer between two accounts held in the SEPA zone are minimal, and when initiated from an online banking area, SEPA transfers are free of charge in most institutions.

SEPA transfers are fast (1 business day) and irrevocable, i.e. they cannot be cancelled once received.

To avoid disappointment and unnecessary charges, we strongly recommend that you check that your bank actually carries out a SEPA transfer.

Fees for non-SEPA international transfers range from $25 to $50, depending on the bank. Delays may also vary according to the countries and banks involved.

You can buy and sell in euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), pounds sterling (GBP), Swiss francs (CHF) and Canadian dollars (CAD).

In case of order cancellation, fees may be charged.

When a customer places an order online, he locks in a spot purchase price, thus triggering a cash advance made by to order the precious metals simultaneously.

If the spot price upon cancellation is lower than the one locked when the online order was placed, the charges applied will be calculated based on this difference multiplied by the total weight (in ounces) of the order.

For any modification or cancellation of an order, please contact us.

Delays are to be expected due to the time needed for transfers to be credited to our bank account, generally 3 working days.

In addition, you need to take into account the delivery times for the metal itself, which are sometimes extended, especially for physical silver. This can take up to 3 weeks.

Our team strives to keep these delays to a minimum.

You have two options: remove your precious metals from the vaults and manage the sale independently, or choose our buy-back service.

In the latter case, the team will arrange for your precious metals to be bought back quickly (within 2 business days) and securely.

Gold is one of the world's most liquid financial assets. The gold market operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, and is traded on several global exchanges, such as the COMEX in New York, the London Bullion Market (LBMA), and other international exchanges. According to the World Gold Council, the depth and breadth of the gold market is greater than that of most global debt markets.

With a strong network of clients and business partners, ensures rapid execution of your sell orders and is committed to buying back your precious metals stored in the secure vaults.

The prices of the products displayed on include commissions or any other fees inherent in the purchase of physical precious metals. These fees vary from product to product, and are degressive according to quantities ordered.

When reselling, applies a commission of 1% on the total amount of the transaction.

Learn more: Rates

To pay your pending invoices, go to the "My invoices" tab in your client area, then click on the "Pay" button to the right of the invoice.

On the secure payment page, select your payment method and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Once the payment has been made, you will be redirected to a confirmation page, and a notification will be sent to you via the messaging in your client area. deploys various measures and technologies to guarantee the security of financial transactions and the protection of client data.

Storage offers a service for storing precious metals outside the banking system. The secure vaults are managed by an independent partner, Malca-Amit, and are located in Zurich (Switzerland), New York (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Singapore. does not store on behalf of its clients. A contract is signed directly between the client and Malca-Amit. This is proof that he is storing in his own name and that his identity is known to the storage company. As the sole owner of his precious metals, the client has direct access to the vaults to inspect or withdraw his products, without the presence of a member of

In a long-term protection and holding logic, the solution is optimal, as it eliminates the intermediation at the storage level. This is a critical point, because if the storage company doesn't know the exact identity of the end clients, how can you legally prove that the products belong to you in the event of a problem?

Some brokers use the term "storage under bailment", but there is no contractual link between the client and the storage company. Ownership of precious metals is not directly traceable. The client does not sign a contract with the secure storage company, which means that his identity cannot be known by the latter without the broker's intervention. For this reason, clients have no direct access to their stock.

Furthermore, some brokers issue their own storage certificates, creating a potential conflict of interest, since they may issue more certificates than the actual quantity of physical gold or silver available.

With, this is not possible, as it is the storage company itself that issues the certificates. Under Swiss law, Malca-Amit is only authorized to issue a storage certificate if physical gold is actually present. The storage certificate also clearly states the client's identity, as well as the serial or seal number of his products. stands out on the following points:

  • Storage certificate issued by an independent company, not by
  • The client signs a direct contract with the storage company. No intermediation at storage level.
  • The client has direct access to the vaults to withdraw or audit his metals.

All vaults are strategically located in international free-trade zones or enjoy bonded status, which allows you to be exempt from VAT on the purchase of silver bars and coins.

Finally, precious metals held in Malca-Amit's professional storage units never leave the professional supply chain, thus preserving maximum resale value. guarantees the liquidity of its clients' investments by buying back precious metals held in storage vaults.

For optimum protection, it is advisable to entrust the safekeeping of your precious metals to a specialized security company. Vaults must be located outside the country of residence and outside the banking system, while precious metals must be held in the owner's own name, with direct access to the vaults for auditing or withdrawals.

The storage solution offered by meets these requirements.

Most of our clients choose to store their precious metals in our vault in Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland, renowned for its political stability, dynamic economy and established democratic system, stands out as one of the world's most important gold marketplaces, thanks in particular to its watchmaking, jewelry and banking industries. Respect for private property and the preservation of confidentiality are fundamental principles in this country.

All these features make Switzerland a privileged choice for the safekeeping of precious metals.

That said, the choice of storage location vault is yours. 

You also have the option of selecting one of our other vaults in Asia (Singapore) or North America (New York and Toronto).

Each of these locations offers specific advantages in terms of security, confidentiality and geographical proximity.

Our partner Malca-Amit's storage vaults are LBMA approved and meet the most stringent security requirements.

Vaults' security and safety systems have been designed from the ground up incorporating a unique tailored mix of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology, 24/7 monitored CCTV together with alarm, climate, and fire control systems.

Malca-Amit's team of international security and special operations experts offers a service widely recognized for its exceptional quality.

It's not who insures your precious metals. All clients are insured under a policy taken out by our storage partner Malca-Amit with Lloyd's of London.

This insurance covers you against all risks, except losses resulting from civil war, nuclear explosion and/or terrorism.

Important: precious metals are insured for their LBMA value at the time of the incident, unlike contracts that insure metals at their value of entry into the vault.

Learn more: Insurance

By investing via, you hold your precious metals in your own name, in physical form. You are the 100% owner, with no intermediaries. has no legal rights to your assets.

There are several ways of identifying yourself as the legal owner of the precious metals:

  • Storage account in your own name: Signing a direct contract with Malca-Amit certifies that you are storing in your own name and that your identity is known to the storage company.

  • Storage certificate: The serial numbers of your products are indicated on the storage certificate (a copy of the original certificate is available in your client area, the original being kept by our storage partner to facilitate the sales process).

  • Legislation: The storage certificate guarantees that your gold physically exists and is safely stored. Under current Swiss legislation, a storage company can only issue a storage certificate if the quantities of gold or silver mentioned are physically present in their vault. 

  • Access to the vault: As the sole owner of the precious metals, you have direct access to the vaults to inspect or remove your metals, without the presence of an member.

  • Photos: You can obtain photos of your bars and coins. Photos are only available on request and before products are placed in vaults. Series numbers will be clearly visible on photos taken by our storage partner.

According to applicable customs laws and regulations, all shipments coming into or leaving the bonded area must be declared to customs. Malca-Amit makes these declarations and provides details to customs, which include the shipper, consignee, and the quantity, nature and value of the goods.

Malca-Amit is under the supervision and control of customs in its capacity as a storage service provider in the bonded area, and accordingly must provide all information requested by customs. Malca-Amit will, to the extent permitted, notify a customer if customs officially demands information pertaining to the goods. offers a shipping solution.

However, for maximum security, we recommend to delegate the safekeeping of your precious metals to a specialized company whose vaults are located outside the banking system and outside your country of residence.

As the sole owner of the precious metals, you have direct access to the storage vaults to carry out any of the following operations:

  • Visit and inspection of precious metals.
  • Partial or complete withdrawal of precious metals.
  • Pick up an order right after purchase, without storage or issuance of storage certificate.

For security reasons, these operations must be requested 48 hours in advance in order to inform our partner of your visit and get your precious metals ready.

Malca-Amit' personnel are on stand-by to ensure a discreet environment within the secure zone with full CCTV coverage. Additional security, including armed guards, is available on request. There is no need for an employee of to be present.

Withdrawal of physical silver:

Our storage partner’s vaults are located in duty-free zones or in bonded warehouses. Once the silver is out of the duty-free zone, one will have to pay the customs declaration (190 CHF) and the Swiss VAT (7.7%). Those are payable directly to our storage partner in cash or by wire transfer.

The amount of the customs declaration and VAT depends on the storage location.​

Annual storage fees vary depending of the metal and are degressive according to the amount stored.

They include:

  • Opening and maintenance of the storage account in your own name with our partner Malca-Amit.
  • Secure transport.
  • Customs formalities.
  • Storage of precious metals in the secure vault of your choice.
  • Sealing of precious metals.
  • Issuance of a certificate of ownership in your name.
  • Reissuance of storage certificate and new sealings after each selling/buying operation.
  • Precious metals insurance.

The title of ownership is an official deed (deed of sale) indicating the names of the legal or natural persons having the status of owner of an immovable property.

The ownership of movable property (precious metal bars and coins) is determined by a set of proofs, the most legally conclusive of which are: 

  • The purchase and resale invoice.
  • The certificate of storage in own name.
  • The storage contract in own name.
  • Secure storage service, administered by an independent third party.

Direct access to the vault guarantees full ownership of the precious metals.

Shipping offers free shipping on all orders, whether it's gold or silver. We ship orders to all US states and territories.

Orders above $250,000 in value use armored car service only: The total cost of your shipment will depend on the items being shipped and the total weight of the package. All orders will be assessed individually. We offer very competitive rates.

International shipping rates vary depending on weight. Please contact us for an estimate​.

We accept bank wire transfers only. We will also run several checks to verify your identity and to keep your investment secure.

We use secure transportation for all of our shipments, guaranteeing the safety of all packages.

There is no upper limit on what can be shipped.

To arrange for a home delivery please contact our team, who will be glad to assist you through the process.

Of course. If you do not want to use our service than you are entitled to use your own or pick it up yourself. We supply directions and access to our secure vaults and arrange for your investment to be picked up by you or by someone operating on your behalf. Security checks will be needed in such instances and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to a shipment once it is out of our hands. Therefore, you are advised to arrange for insurance yourself.

This depends on the destination, but we strive to get your package to you as quickly as possible. As soon as we arrange for the secure transportation of your order, you will be informed and given details on how to track your order.

If the products are available and we have received your payment, in the worst case, the package ships in three business days.

International orders are expected to be delivered within 3 weeks.

A tracking number is automatically assigns to your shipment. Tracking numbers provide the capability to check delivery progress online.

All of our shipments are insured, so you are covered in the unlikely event that something does happen to it. In case your package is lost or the contents are damaged in transit, we will re-ship identical orders as soon as possible. Please note that our insurance policies only extend to packages in transit. However, with such a secure transportation method, issues such as this are incredibly rare.

We will not charge you for this, but you may need to pay such charges depending on your country of residence.

Yes, all shipments require a signature for delivery.

Please contact us if you are unable to receive your order within a certain timeframe. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Yes, we can ship your order to a PO box located in the United States.

We ship your order as soon we receive your funds. We can't change the shipping address after the order has been placed.

Of course. We are always on hand to help where we can. However, thanks to our professional and knowledgeable delivery team, who will arrange the shipment with you, there should be no need for this. They will tell you everything you need to know, giving you details of your order and its estimated date of delivery.

About GoldBroker offers a top-of-the-range service, optimized to protect your wealth or your corporate's treasury through the purchase, storage and resale of precious metals:

  • Physical gold and silver (LBMA certified bullion bars and coins).
  • Secure storage outside the banking system.
  • Segregated and completely unencumbered ownership.
  • Ownership certificate issued in your own name by an independent third party.
  • Direct and personal access to the vaults.
  • Precious metals insurance.
  • Buyback program.
  • Shipping service.
  • Personalized support.



Learn more: Why Goldbroker ?

GOLDBROKER LTD is not an investment company. Its website neither sells financial products nor provides financial advice.

A account is neither a precious metals account nor a bank account.

GOLDBROKER LTD’s activity is limited to buying, selling and storing precious metals in physical form – bars and coins exclusively.

The buy/sell operations are executed in conformity with orders placed by the clients.

GOLDBROKER LTD is not a precious metals depository for its clients. Precious metals held by our clients in secured vaults do not appear on GOLDBROKER LTD’s balance sheet and are exclusively owned by our clients, as attested by the storage certificates.

GOLDBROKER LTD is not an investment fund or a financial institution, so it is not regulated as such.

Our trading activity is relatively simple, and we do not act as counterparty to our clients.

However, given the importance of the transactions and our international activity, we apply a preventive policy against money laundering and tax evasion, and we are obligated under law to report any suspicious activity to the competent financial authorities.

Confidentiality of information and respect of our clients’ privacy are fundamental values of our business.

As a security measure, we use an extended SSL certificate which lets you verify if you are actually on our site, and the data exchanged between your web browser and our website are encrypted (encryption level 128 bits); this information cannot be intercepted.

As long as it’s possible we only communicate information relative to your transactions via our secured internal messaging service.

However, in a case where we could not obtain a response in a reasonable time frame, we could contact you directly by telephone or email.

We will never ask you to communicate your banking card information via telephone. does not forward any personal information, or information relative to your transactions, to any authority or government whatsoever.

However, in very precise and serious cases – for instance, if we suspect certain transactions to be tied to criminal activities or money laundering, or if you’re being officially investigated or condemned by a recognised jurisdictional institution – we are obligated to report them or to cooperate with the authorities.

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We put safety at the core of our business