Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that are regularly asked by our clients. Look for the answers to your questions below.

My Account

Creating an account – How easy is it?

Creating an account is easy, quick and without any engagement on your part. All you need to do is click on “Create an account” at the top right of your screen and enter an email address and a password.

At the next step, indicate if it is a personal account or a company account, enter your first and last names, then click on “I am not a robot” and validate.

If you wish to receive our coming publications as well as information about our new products and services, click on “I would like to receive the newsletter”.

And there you go, you have created an account! You will receive a welcoming email in a few moments.

If you have any problem or question regarding the creation of your account, please contact us.

How Do I Create a Company Account ?

The procedures are the same as for personal accounts but the only difference in supporting documents. To open an account in your company’s name, please provide the following documents:

  • Director(s) and Shareholder(s) valid passport copy or ID card copy;
  • Legal business name & website URL (if possible) or publicly accessible profile;
  • A certificate of company registration (KBIS, Extrait BCE, Extrait du Registre Du Commerce or COI by the Registrar of Companies);
  • Proof of current business address (business bank statement, business rental agreement, or utility bill);
  • Proof of company business structure (memorandum / article  of association) that confirms details of all other individuals/shareholders who (directly or indirectly) are entitled to, or control, 5% or more of the capital, profits, or voting rights;
  • Banking reference (business account number, IBAN, SWIFT);

Our team will then review your application, check all the documents you have submitted, and conduct our due diligence, before getting back to you with a final decision.

In order to comply with certain regulations, we reserve the right to request additional documents if necessary.



How do I validate my account?

Validating your account is very simple. All you need is to forward us three documents: a valid copy of passport/national ID, a proof of address issued within the last 3 months and a document showing your bank account details.

You may either send us your documents via your client area or send them via email at

Documents That Can Be Used as Proof of Address & Identity

Proof of identity:

  • Current copy of passport/national ID: it must show full name; date and place of birth; nationality; passport number, issued and expiry date, photograph and signature; machine readable zone number (at the bottom of passport’s first page);


Proof of address:

  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, satellite television, landline phone bill) issued within the last 3 months;
  • Local authority council tax bill for the current council tax year;
  • Solicitors letter confirming recent house purchase or land registry confirmation of address issued within the last 3 months;
  • Council or housing association rent card or tenancy agreement for the current year;
  • HMRC self-assessment letters or tax demand dated within the current financial year;

Why do I need to validate my account?

Due to the AML (Anti Money Laundering) rules and our internal KYC policy, we are under legal obligation to verify the identity of our clients and the origin of their funds.

This is why validating your account is a mandatory step before placing an order.

List of "banned" and "high-risk" jurisdictions countries

Banned jurisdictions COUNTRIES

FDR Capital Ltd will not maintain any relationships, process payments to or from, or undertake commercial transactions with entities or individuals based in the countries listed below. This prohibition applies to all transactions and payments in all currencies.


  • Afghanistan
  • Burma / Myanmar
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Cuba
  • The Crimean Peninsula  (including Sevastopol)

High-risk jurisdictions countries

FDR Capital Ltd identifies the following countries as "high-risk jurisdictions", meaning that all operations or clients from these countries will be subject to enhanced due diligence.


  • Albania
  • Barbados
  • Bahamas
  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cambodia
  • Cayman Islands
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Ghana
  • Haiti
  • Iceland
  • Jamaica
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Mongolia
  • Nicaragua
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • South Sudan
  • Uganda
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

In accordance with The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) (No. 2) (High-Risk Countries) Regulations 2021,  No. 827 and the FATF and FSRBs lists.

Why and how to validate my bank account?

We are using 2 steps verification approach to validate our potential client’s bank account.

1/ For security

Validating client’s bank account is a significant part of funding source verification process, in order to confirm that the account being attached is a valid bank account under client’s name, address.  
This is the bank account we will be using to transfer funds to you (following a sale, for instance).

2/ Verify the origin of the funds

When making a transaction toward our bank account you are authorizing us to compare the information provided by your banking institution to the information you have provided us.
Thus we verify that the owner of funds corresponds to the identity that has been checked.
We also compare other information such as the country where the funds originate and the fiscal residence of the owner. Along this process we may ask that you forward additional information for details.

How to check my stock of precious metals and its value today?

Log in to your account using your connexion parameters, email and your password, then click on “Assets”.

The first graph shows the total value of your precious metals and changes since the date of purchase.

A second graph, more detailed, lets you get information bar by bar, date of purchase, buying price, serial number, refiner’s name, present value and storage location.

How can I review my transactions record?

Log in to your account using your credentials, your email and password, then click on “Transactions”.

All transactions will appear in chronological order: incoming transfers, purchase orders, sale orders, outgoing transfers, payment of managing fees etc.
Invoices and storage certificates appear in the “Attachment” column. Click on an attachment to show.

What Do I Do If I Forget My Password?

If you've forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password ?" link, located in the sign-in page. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password

What Is the Process If I Change My E-mail Address?

1. Log in to your account with your e-mail address and the password given.

2. Request modification of your e-mail address by contacting client support via the secure messaging.

3. After verification, you will be able to use your new e-mail address to log in to

Note: The contact e-mail is very important, since it will be used by to communicate with you.

I'm Not Receiving Emails from Goldbroker. What Do I Do?

First, check that your mailbox is not full (in this case, clear your inbox).

You should also check your Spam box. Some providers put automatic filters in place and emails from may get directed elsewhere. This can be prevented by adding us to your contacts.

Wait a few minutes. It’s possible that the email delivery was delayed or there may be a delay between the time of sending and receiving.

If having done all this you still cannot find any emails from, please contact Customer, please contact our support.

Do I Have to Declare and Pay Taxes on This Investment?

It depends on the tax policy of the buyer's country of residence.

Learn more: Precious Metals Taxes

We cannot provide tax, legal or other advice, so if you are not sure about the taxation in your personal circumstances, we recommend you seek independent advice from a qualified professional.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

According to the IRS website, U.S. investors do not need to report their holdings with GoldBroker on the Fbar or Form 8938.

The reason is that GoldBroker is not a counter-party but rather a facilitator. All our investors are direct owners of their gold. GoldBroker is not a custodian of the gold and silver.

See question 20:

Scroll to the 3rd from bottom box in the table, “Precious Metals Held Directly”:

We cannot provide tax, legal or other advice, so if you are not sure about the application of FATCA to your personal circumstances, we recommend that you seek independent advice from a qualified professional.

How Can I Sponsor Friends Who Want to Buy Precious Metals?

1. Fill out the affiliate registration form.

2. Click on the activation link that we sent you by e-mail.

3. Log on to your affiliate account.

4. Go to “Marketing Tools” to find your affiliation links and banners.


Learn more: Affiliate program

In Case of Death

Upon presentation of a death certificate, right holders recover possession of the deceased’s estate. 

However, there are several things you can do to ensure efficient estate administration:

Make sure your identity is registered in your "member" area: consistency with the death certificate will be checked.

Send us the identity of the person to contact for managing your estate if/when we are notified of your death.

Make sure that someone knows about your investment.


After client's death:

Client's administrators, successors and assigns should contact us.

After becoming aware of your death, Goldbroker will follow existing legislation in your country of residence and ask from your administrators all required papers in the jurisdiction appropriate to your estate.


What guarantees do I get in terms of precious metals quality?

Our sole activity consists in selling investment grade bullion.

The bars and coins come from renowned refiners certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), ensuring that products meet the stringent assaying and quality standards.

They are maintained in the professional chain since they were manufactured and sold with a certificate of authenticity. Their traceability is thus assured.

You will find on our website references from the renowned brands in the industry, such as Valcambi, U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, RMC and Asahi.

We shall buy back our clients’ precious metals kept in secure storage units. But, for obvious traceability reasons, we cannot buy back products that have left the storage units (home delivery, withdrawal).

How are premiums calculated?

Premiums vary from one product to another depending on several factors – here’s a short list:

  • weight: generally speaking, the smaller the product, the higher the premium in relation to the amount of metal
  • fineness
  • production method: cast or struck
  • demand for such product on the market or in a particular geographical area
  • refiner's brand
  • costs incurred for a particular design.

For coins, other factors come into play:

  • their condition
  • the date of issue

Gold and silver coins are sold in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) state sealed in their original packaging. They have never left the professional chain.

How to choose products?

Click on “Bullion” in the main menu, then on the type of products you are interested in.

Consult the product page for detailed information on prices, features and availability.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Do fiscal laws vary from a product to another?

Yes. Your fiscal administration may vary from a metal to another or for different products.
This is why the final choice is yours for choosing products and logistics services (secured storage, home delivery, withdrawal in person).

Our sole activity consists in buying and selling precious metals. We are not accredited for giving financial advice or fiscal counselling.

You will surely get more precise information from a fiscal professional in your own country.

Is this product available?

To find out if a bar or coin is available for storage or shipping, please consult that product’s page.

Availability is indicated below the prices table.

If a product is unavailable, we will propose a list of products with similar characteristics.

To be informed when a product becomes available again, please contact our support team.

I’m looking for a specific product but it does not appear on your site?

Contact us and we may be able to order it from one of our suppliers.


How to order?

Orders less than $60,000 can be placed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, directly from our website. A credit card imprint is required to complete the order.

The complete process is described here: How to order

Orders for an amount greater than $60,000 are made on quotation and executed by our team on the basis of the spot price on receipt of funds.

What Are the Methods of Payment Accepted by Goldbroker?

For purchase orders, only wire transfers are accepted.  

The storage feed can be paid by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.

How to make an international money transfer?

If you are using an online banking service you will surely be able to use it to transfer money to our bank account.

If you do not have access to one, you will have to go to your banking institution with proper ID.

You know better than us how your bank operates.

Banking details

To access our banking details, you must first validate your account by sending us a copy of an ID and a proof of address.

The owner of our bank account is FDR CAPITAL LTD.

Attention: your Goldbroker account is not a bank account. Do not use your name as the owner of the destination bank account.

You could indicate your client ID as a reference to the transaction, but it is not mandatory.

We have bank accounts for each of the following currencies: EUR, CHF, GBP and USD.

To transfer euro, use our euro account bank details. To transfer US dollars, use our US dollars bank details.

Be careful: if you transfer US dollars to a euro account, banks participating in the transaction may charge additional fees.

Generally speaking, the cost of an international money transfer varies between $25 and $50, depending on the institution.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfer

If you reside in a SEPA area, make sure your bank makes a SEPA transfer.

The cost of a SEPA wire transfer is generally lower (or even free) and it takes less time to execute.

What Is the Minimum/Maximum Investment Amount?

The minimum amount for the first order is $10,000 (excluding service fees).

From the second order onwards, the amount is reduced to a minimum of $5,000.

There is no maximum investment amount.

Can I Buy and Sell with All Currencies?

We accept transactions in Euros, Dollars, Pound sterling and Swiss Francs.

How Can I Cancel an Order to Buy/Sell?

For any modification or cancellation of an order, please contact us.

In case of cancellation, fees may be charged. The validation of an online order allowing clients to block the spot price applied to their order, GoldBroker makes a cash advance to buy the precious metals simultaneously.

If the spot price upon cancellation is lower than that displayed on the purchase invoice, the charges applied will be calculated based on this difference multiplied by the total weight (in ounces) of the order.

How Long Does it Take to Receive My Precious Metals After I Order?

There are delays due to the time it takes for bank transfers to be credited to our bank account (usually 1-3 days), but also delays due to delivery of the precious metal itself, sometimes longer for physical silver. The maximum delay is up to 3 weeks.

Our team does everything possible to reduce any delay.

How liquid is my investment?

According to official data from the World Gold Council, the gold market comes third in terms of size, just behind the American and Japanese bond markets.

The gold market has enough depth and liquidity for institutional portfolios (pension funds, central banks etc.).

Gold is a very liquid investment – it is easily traded over the counter everywhere in the world.

Given our solid network of clients and business partners, we can assure rapid execution of your sale orders and we guarantee to buy back your precious metals stored in our independent storage partner vaults.

Our 1 % commission is applied on the exit spot price of your total sale.

How Do I Sell My Physical Gold/Silver?

You can either remove your stock and manage the sale yourself (you are the owner of the metals) or use our services for a quick sale, in which case our team of traders will contact potential buyers and manage the sale for you.

Learn more: Sell Your Physical Gold and Silver

Reminder: is not intended to be a trading platform of physical quantities. We recommend long-term storage outside the banking system to protect your wealth.

How Are Transactions Secured?

Your Goldbroker account is protected by secure cryptographic methods. Your transactions are safe and protected by a high-quality security system.

Learn more: Safety

How do I pay my invoices?

To pay your due invoices, go to “Billing” tag on your account, then click on “Pay” on the right of the invoice. You will then be redirected to our secure payment page.

Next, select your payment mode: debit card, PayPal or wire transfer, and just follow instructions.

Once the transaction is finalized, you will be directed to a payment confirmation page, and a notification will be sent to you via our secured messaging service.

Security, our service provider for bank cards transactions, is PCI-DSS (security norms of pay card industry) certified.

We will never ask you to provide your banking card information by telephone.

What Are the Fees for Buying/Selling Precious Metals?

Premiums evolve depending on the metal you invest in (gold or silver, bars or coins) and the amount invested. All are a percentage over spot. Everything is included in the price you see in our shop when buying.

Storage fees are separate than precious metal premiums.

Learn more: Rates


How Much Does It Cost? offers FREE shipping on all orders, whether it's gold or silver. We ship orders to all US states and territories.

Orders above $250,000 in value use armored car service only: The total cost of your shipment will depend on the items being shipped and the total weight of the package. All orders will be assessed individually. We offer very competitive rates. can ship internationally, to France only. International shipping rates vary depending on weight. Please contact us for an estimate​.

How do I Pay?

We accept bank wire transfers only. We will also run several checks to verify your identity and to keep your investment secure.

Is It Secure?

We use secure transportation for all of our shipments, guaranteeing the safety of all packages.

Is There a Limit?

There is no upper limit on what can be shipped.

How Do I Arrange Shipment?

To arrange for a home delivery please contact our team, who will be glad to assist you through the process.

Can I Pick it up Myself?

Of course. If you do not want to use our service than you are entitled to use your own or pick it up yourself. We supply directions and access to our secure vaults and arrange for your investment to be picked up by you or by someone operating on your behalf. Security checks will be needed in such instances and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to a shipment once it is out of our hands. Therefore, you are advised to arrange for insurance yourself.

How Long Will It Take?

This depends on the destination, but we strive to get your package to you as quickly as possible. As soon as we arrange for the secure transportation of your order, you will be informed and given details on how to track your order.

If the products are available and we have received your payment, in the worst case, the package ships in three business days.

International orders are expected to be delivered within 3 weeks.

Can I Track my Order?

A tracking number is automatically assigns to your shipment. Tracking numbers provide the capability to check delivery progress online.

What Happens if my Package Is Lost or Damaged?

All of our shipments are insured, so you are covered in the unlikely event that something does happen to it. In case your package is lost or the contents are damaged in transit, we will re-ship identical orders as soon as possible. Please note that our insurance policies only extend to packages in transit. However, with such a secure transportation method, issues such as this are incredibly rare.

Do I Pay Tax or VAT on a Shipment?

We will not charge you for this, but you may need to pay such charges depending on your country of residence.

Does my Package Require a Signature?

Yes, all shipments require a signature for delivery.

Can My Order Be Held and Shipped at a Later Date?

Please contact us if you are unable to receive your order within a certain timeframe. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can You Ship my Order To a PO Box?

Yes, we can ship your order to a PO box located in the United States.

Can I Change my Shipping Address after I Place my Order?

We ship your order as soon we receive your funds. We can't change the shipping address after the order has been placed.

Can I Contact You to Enquire About My Order?

Of course. We are always on hand to help where we can. However, thanks to our professional and knowledgeable delivery team, who will arrange the shipment with you, there should be no need for this. They will tell you everything you need to know, giving you details of your order and its estimated date of delivery.


Where should I store my precious metals?

We believe that owning precious metals is part of a strategy of wealth preservation. They should be held in your own name, outside of the banking system and your country of residence.

Our storage solution addresses these concerns. It is being used by more and more investors.

Most of our clients store their precious metals in Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland is a politically stable country with a dynamic economy and a well-established democratic system. Its jewelry, watchmaking and banking industries make Switzerland one of the most important gold market hubs in the world. Respect of private ownership and confidentiality are fundamental values of the Swiss people.

All this makes Switzerland a chosen locale for storing precious metals.

That being said, the choice of your precious metals’ storage location is all yours.

You may ask for home delivery of your precious metals or choose one of our other storage units in Asia (Singapore) or North America (New York and Toronto).

Is It Safe ?

Your precious metals are protected by the strictest security rules. Highly-secured global storage facilities are recognized market leaders. Security at each vault is paramount. Physical surveillance and security systems, in unison with vetting and training of staff, are complemented by the global monitoring and response station ensuring uncompromised security at all times.

Do I Have Insurance In Case of Problems?

Your precious metals are stored in a secure vault managed by our insured storage partner. It is not which ensures your stock. All our investors are assured through the insurance contract of our storage partner. Your gold/silver is insured against all risks except for losses resulting from a civil war or a nuclear explosion and / or terrorism.

Learn more: Insurance

How Can I Be Sure I Actually Own Physical Gold/Silver ?

  • By having the original certificate that includes the serial number of ingots and bars stored. A copy of the original certificate is in your website account.
  • You may inspect your stock first-hand in New York, Toronto, Zurich and Singapore (on request so our storage partner can welcome you).
  • The storage certificate guarantees that, under Swiss law, your gold exists and is securely stored. Under current Swiss law, a storage company cannot issue a storage certificate unless the indicated quantities of gold or silver are physically present in its vault.
  • You can get pictures of your bars/coins. Pictures are available on request and prior to products storage. The serial numbers will be visible on the pictures.

How Can I Be Sure That The Same Bars Aren’t Being Also Sold To Other Investors?

When investing with GoldBroker, you own your gold and silver in your name, in physical form. You are the direct owner. GoldBroker has absolutely no legal right on your stock.

The ownership certificate/title is issued directly by our storage partner, a Swiss company independent from GoldBroker. Said certificate is unique, given to each individual client, and states precisely the client’s first and last names as well as the serial number(s) of the bar(s).

Under current Swiss law, a storage company cannot issue a storage certificate unless the indicated quantities of gold or silver are physically present in its vault.

It is to be noted that the client may go and verify (touch) his/her stock directly at the secured installation without an employee of GoldBroker having to be present.

Switzerland’s Freeports Regulations

According to applicable customs laws and regulations, all shipments coming into or leaving the bonded area must be declared to customs. Malca-Amit makes these declarations and provides details to customs, which include the shipper, consignee, and the quantity, nature and value of the goods.

Malca-Amit is under the supervision and control of customs in its capacity as a storage service provider in the bonded area, and accordingly must provide all information requested by customs. Malca-Amit will, to the extent permitted, notify a customer if customs officially demands information pertaining to the goods.

Can Precious Metals be Delivered to my Home? offers a home delivery solution: More information here

However, we recommend holding your stock of gold and silver outside your country of residence and outside the banking system for maximum security.

What Is The Process For Verifying Or Withdrawing My Precious Metals At The Vault?

You may go in person to the vaults in New York, Toronto, Zurich and Singapore to either:

  • Visit and inspect your precious metals
  • Withdraw a part or all of your precious metals
  • Pick up an order right after purchase, without storage or issuance of storage certificate

For security reasons, these operations must be requested 48 hours in advance in order to inform our partner of your visit and get your precious metals ready.

Malca-Amit' personnel are on stand-by to ensure a discreet environment within the secure zone with full CCTV coverage. Additional security, including armed guards, is available on request. There is no need for an employee of Goldbroker to be present.

Withdrawal of physical silver:

Our storage partner’s vaults are located in duty-free zones or in bonded warehouses. Once the silver is out of the duty-free zone, one will have to pay the customs declaration (190 CHF) and the Swiss VAT of 8%. Those are payable directly to our storage partner in cash or by wire transfer.

The amount of the customs declaration and VAT depends on the storage location.​

What Are the Storage Fees?

Storage fees vary according to the metal and the total quantity stored.

Learn more: Annual storage fees

What Is a Title of Ownership?

The title of ownership is an official deed (deed of sale) indicating the names of the legal or natural persons having the status of owner of an immovable property.

The ownership of movable property (precious metal bars and coins) is determined by a set of proofs, the most legally conclusive of which are: 

  • The purchase and resale invoice
  • The certificate of storage in own name
  • The storage contract in own name
  • Secure storage service, administered by an independent third party

Direct access to the vault guarantees full ownership of the precious metals.


Why GoldBroker ?

Goldbroker was created to allow investors to protect their wealth through direct ownership of gold and silver.

From our experience, we believe that our investment solution is the safest way to own and store precious metals :

  • Physical gold and silver (high-quality bullion bars and coins)
  • Secure storage outside the banking system
  • Segregated and completely unencumbered ownership
  • Ownership certificate issued in your own name by an independent third party
  • Direct and personal access to the vaults
  • Precious metals insurance
  • Buyback program
  • Shipping service


Learn more: Why Goldbroker ?

In what jurisdiction does Goldbroker operate?

FDR Capital LTD operates under the name “Goldbroker”. FDR CAPITAL LTD is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom (UK), having its registered office at Thomas House, 84 - Eccleston Square - London - SW1V1PX - UK, with registration number 12021533, duly represented herein by Mr. Etienne Dargent, its Director.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Terms, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the International Arbitration Rules of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution.

Is regulated as an investment company?

FDR CAPITAL Ltd is not an investment company. Its website neither sells financial products nor provides financial advice.

A Goldbroker account is neither a precious metals account nor a bank account.

Goldbroker’s activity is limited to buying, selling and storing precious metals in physical form – bars and coins exclusively.

The buy/sell operations are executed in conformity with orders placed by the clients.

Goldbroker is not a precious metals depository for its clients. Precious metals held by our clients in secured vaults do not appear on FDR CAPITAL Ltd’s balance sheet and are exclusively owned by our clients, as attested by the storage certificates.

Goldbroker is not an investment fund or a financial institution, so it is not regulated as such.

Our trading activity is relatively simple, and we do not act as counterparty to our clients.

However, given the importance of the transactions and our international activity, we apply a preventive policy against money laundering and tax evasion, and we are obligated under law to report any suspicious activity to the competent financial authorities.

How does Goldbroker guarantee the confidentiality of its clients’ information?

Confidentiality of information and respect of our clients’ privacy are fundamental values of our business.

As a security measure, we use an extended SSL certificate which lets you verify if you are actually on our site, and the data exchanged between your web browser and our website are encrypted (encryption level 128 bits); this information cannot be intercepted.

As long as it’s possible we only communicate information relative to your transactions via our secured internal messaging service.

However, in a case where we could not obtain a response in a reasonable time frame, we could contact you directly by telephone or email.

We will never ask you to communicate your banking card information via telephone.

Goldbroker does not forward any personal information, or information relative to your transactions, to any authority or government whatsoever.

However, in very precise and serious cases – for instance, if we suspect certain transactions to be tied to criminal activities or money laundering, or if you’re being officially investigated or condemned by a recognised jurisdictional institution – we are obligated to report them or to cooperate with the authorities.

Learn more: Privacy policy