Gold and Silver Secure Storage

Owning gold is a form of financial insurance, so you need to possess it in the safest way possible in order to reduce counterparty risk. That's why offers an investment solution that eliminates any exposure to the risks associated with having intermediaries between investors and their precious metals, either at the level of ownership (which is direct) or storage (a storage account is opened in your name).

Our clients, as the sole owner of the precious metals, can personally visit the vault to check or withdraw their stockpile.


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Our storage partner

Storage is managed by our partner Malca-Amit, a private operator independent from the international banking system. Founded in 1963, Malca-Amit is a trusted storage partner for financial institutions and high net-worth individuals around the world. Malca-Amit’s highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders. Their facilities include a division dedicated to a unique set of value-added services for those needing storage of bullion.

Vault facilities in various international locations

Your physical precious metals will be stored in the vault of your choice:

Our storage solution

Secure storage outside of the banking system

Storage outside of the banking system eliminates the risks of counterparty default (bankruptcy), bank account confiscations (bail-ins) and government confiscation, and permits access to one’s gold/silver quickly in the event of a temporary bank closure.

Your precious metals are protected by the strictest security rules and are insured against all risks, according to their value at the LBMA price, via an insurance contract subscribed by Malca-Amit with Lloyd's of London.

Vaults are located in free-trade zones so no duties or taxes apply. Investments in physical silver are exempt from VAT.

Ownership and storage in your name

The storage certificate issued in your name by Malca-Amit, an independent swiss company, guarantees that the gold bars really exist. According to Swiss law, a storage company can only issue a certificate if the indicated quantities of gold or silver are physically present in the vault.

A storage account is opened directly in the client's name and a storage contract is also signed between the client and Malca-Amit. This means that, even in the case of going bankrupt, your assets are protected, because they do not appear on our company’s or our storage partner’s balance sheet at any time.

Direct access

All our clients have direct and personal access to the vault, where they can show up by setting up an appointment 48 hours in advance, to inspect or withdraw their precious metals. Malca-Amit’s personnel and facilities provide a secure, discreet, neutral and comfortable environment. There is no need for an employee of to be present.

Buyback of stored metals guarantees the liquidity of your investment by buying back products stored in Malca-Amit secured vaults. Buyback process is executed within 2 business days. Your precious metals are kept in LBMA-approved storage facilities, so they never leave the professional logistics chain, retaining their maximum resale value.


Understanding the importance of the storage certificate in your name and its legal value

All our clients own their gold and silver bars directly in their name (a storage certificate is issued by the independent storage company that shows the identity of each investor and the bars' serial numbers.) The bars are also stored in the client’s own name as well (a storage account is opened in the client's name and a storage contract is signed between the client and our storage partner). There is no intermediation between our clients and their precious metals.

The storage certificate issued in your name is an ownership  title. This document proves that the gold bars really exist and that you are their legal owner.

Our storage partner is a company subject to Swiss regulations for secure storage. It is this company, independent from GoldBroker, which issues the storage certificates. GoldBroker does not directly issue the certificates. Under Swiss law, a storage company cannot issue a storage certificate unless the indicated quantities of gold or silver are physically present in their vault.

If you store your precious metals in Switzerland, it is a Swiss company that must issue your ownership title in order to have the absolute guarantee that it is recognized by Swiss law.

If you hold gold through a bank or other entity and you do not have a clear ownership title with your name and your bars’ serial numbers, it is important to ask yourself the following question: If there is no clear document proving I am the direct owner of my gold, on which company’s balance sheet does it show? Who is the legal owner?


We put safety at the core of our business