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This cast bar is produced by JBR Recovery Ltd. and contains 1 kilogram of 99,9% pure silver. JBR is a specialized silver refiner delivering to the London Bullion Market in the form of 'Good Delivery' silver bars with a guaranteed purity of at least 99.9%. As the leading UK experts in precious metal recovery, JBR produces more than 250 tonnes of high-quality silver per year. 

The company focuses on the recycling of secondary or waste materials from the photographic industry and other sources and recovers the contained precious metals using a mix of pyrometallurgical smelting and chemical processes. The LBMA accreditation guarantees the silver bars’ conformity with the quality standards of the international market and the responsible sourcing of the materials.

The obverse of this silver bar features the refinery's oval seal, with the name (JBR Recovery Ltd) and the silver purity (999) inside. It also shows the weight (1 Kg), the metal (FINE SILVER) and the unique serial number.

The reverse is intentionally left blank and shows natural striations and textures that result from the cooling process of the silver in its mould, making each 1 kg bar unique. 

Due to its relatively simple production process, which allows for a low premium, this silver bar by JBR is available at a very attractive price. It is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to purchase pure silver while ensuring exceptional liquidity of their investment.

  • Creation method
  • Cast
  • Weight
  • 1 kilogram
  • Fineness
  • 999

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