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GoldBroker offers a simple and safe way to buy physical gold. Discover our gold bars and coins from recognized refiners and certified by the international gold market (LBMA). Precious metals for investment are kept in professional storage units from the time of their manufacture. This traceability guarantees your precious metals’ authenticity and purity of at least 99.5% gold

Precious Metals Spot Prices
Metal Bid Ask Performance
Gold $1,783.44 $1,784.41 0.00
Silver $22.53 $22.63 0.00
Palladium $1,806.00 $1,826.01 0.00
Platinum $929.37 $943.99 0.00
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Why buy gold?

Why buy gold

Physical gold acts as a diversification asset and investors often use it to protect their portfolios from banking risks, the harmful effects of inflation, the accumulation of government debt or a reversal of the financial markets. Gold has retained its acceptability as a medium of exchange and its appeal as a store of value throughout the centuries. It has held real and symbolic positions of prime importance to humanity since time immemorial.

Artifacts date back in Europe as far as the 4th millennium BC and gold coinage began to appear in Asia Minor and China as early as the 6th Century BC. It is frequently mentioned in the Old Testament and drew explorers to the New World throughout History.

Today it remains the ultimate representation of the best (the Olympic gold medal) or exclusive above all (the wedding ring). While 50% of all gold extracted from the earth today goes to such emblematic uses, particularly jewellery, 40% of it is destined for the investment market. Gold appeals to all age groups and social classes.

Finally, even after the end of the gold standard in 1971, central banks around the world retained the bulk of their gold reserves to maintain their credibility and that of their currencies. Today, central banks continue to buy gold in large quantities, which is an important supporting factor for the precious metal.


Buying physical gold online with facilitates the acquisition of gold bullion in the form of coins or bars via a service that allows the direct holding and storage of precious metals in one's own name. This solution eliminates counterparty risk, protects against bank failure and government confiscation. You are the sole owner of your gold.

The products displayed on our website are sourced from gold refiners certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) as Valcambi, Credit Suisse and Heraeus.

The bullions contain a fineness of at least 99.5% gold. They are fully traceable from the moment of fabrication because they never leave the professional chain.

Buy gold online with GoldBroker allows you to buy gold at the best price, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The buying process is quick and easy: just create a client account, verify your identity by providing the required documents, then place an order. and its team of precious metals advisors are at your disposal to assist you in the investment process and answer all your questions.


Should you buy gold bars or gold coins?

Buy gold bullion coins or bars

Gold for investment is refined and transformed into bars, coins and rounds. The gold bar is the perennial format of choice for investors due to its lowest premiums (this premium is tacked onto the official spot price). Each bar is stamped with its weight, fineness, refiner’s seal, and unique serial number. 

Gold coins for investment have added attraction which translate into higher premiums. They are issued by government institutions in limited quantities (per year) and are also legal tender in their countries of origin. Their precious metal value however always exceeds their face value. There are also coins without face value because they are issued by non-governmental entities, called 'rounds'. They have a low numismatic value, therefore a low premium. Generally, the price of these coins corresponds to their weight in gold.

The choice of product type is important when investing in precious metals. You'll pay a lower premium by purchasing larger gold bullions. Smaller products offer more flexible resale options; you can easily sell a portion of your inventory to free up cash. This choice will depend on the overall amount of your gold investment and your investment strategy.


Where to store your gold?

The issue of storing your gold coins and bars is critical. There are several options, such as storage at home, in a bank, or with third-party companies, but they do not all offer the same security guarantees. 

For optimal protection and long-term holding, offers a storage service in your own name and outside the banking system, which eliminates any exposure to counterparty risk.

The vaults are located in Zurich, New York, Toronto, and Singapore and are managed by Malca-Amit, an independent company specializing in the safekeeping of valuables goods. As the sole owner of the precious metals, the client has direct access to the secure vaults. The stored products are insured by an internationally renowned company.

Store gold in secure vaults


How to resell your gold?

How to sell gold


As a safe haven, gold is considered a more secure savings solution than various "paper" currencies. However, the rise in prices or the urgent need for liquidity encourage some gold holders to part with their bars or coins. But be careful, before selling gold it is essential to choose a solid intermediary and to find out about the tax system applicable in your country of residence. offers a gold buyback service, exclusively reserved for clients who store their products in the vaults of Malca-Amit. The precious metals kept in the storage units have never left the professional supply chain and thus retain their maximum resale value.




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Secure storage

Store your precious metals in a secure vault outside the banking system, in New York, Toronto, Zurich and Singapore. Full-name ownership, insurance and direct access to the vault.

Pick up

Withdrawal of your gold and silver in our storage partner's world-class vaults.


We deliver gold and silver bullion to the United States or any international destination through our insured shipping services.

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