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With GoldBroker, you can purchase 1oz gold coins issued by the U.S. Mint, the South African Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. All our coins are sold in packs or rolls of 10 units minimum. They never leave the professional storage units from the time of their fabrication and are sealed. Their whereabouts are tracked and their gold fineness is guaranteed at .9167. Your coin investment maintains its maximum resale value.

Precious Metals Spot Prices
Metal Bid Ask Performance
Gold $1,841.69 $1,842.65 0.02
Silver $23.79 $23.89 -0.46
Palladium $2,134.68 $2,144.82 -0.37
Platinum $1,020.76 $1,023.83 -0.79

Gold coins


Gold coins present a prestigious and time-honored method of wealth insurance. Their value goes beyond precious metal content to recognition of the enormous beauty of human endeavor and achievement. Gold coins express pride in the past and present, and forethought of the future. sees them for their investment value and displays, for your consideration, products from some of the finest mints in the world, in the USA, Canada and South Africa.

Coin collecting dates back to the rise of the Roman Empire when Caesar Augustus was known to give gold coins as gifts during the festival of Saturnalia. The First Emperor was a strikingly handsome man and his image appeared on coins from the time he was 19.

Known as numismatics since the mid-17th Century, the study of coins is a largely amateur pursuit that delves into the historical context of money. It puts great emphasis on rarity of pieces and has a particular interest in minting errors. There is also a professional numismatic element in which coin collectors buy and sell pieces and sets to like-minded hobbyists.

One of the rarest coins in the world is the 1933 double eagle, a United States 20-dollar gold coin. Ten specimens are held in Fort Knox and one is owned by a private investor who paid $7.59M for it in 2002. The National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington DC (only a small part of which remains on display) possesses two of these coins.

The reason for their rarity is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered Americans to surrender their gold coins, bullion and certificates in an attempt to curtail the general bank crisis. United States gold coins were no longer legal tender and most of 1933 mintage were melted down or destroyed. Several others were stolen and found their way into the hands of collectors until the Secret Service undertook an arrest and seizure campaign. The 1933 double eagle saga continues in the courts today. This coin, with the exception of the 2002 purchase, may not be legally owned by any person.

Such is the allure of the gold coin. While officially classified as legal tender in the USA or any other country in which it is minted, it would be foolish to exchange it in that way because its precious metal content is worth far more than its face value. In addition to a coin’s not-inconsiderable manufacturing costs, its collectible desirability can drive premiums to 20% above the spot price of its gold.

If you appreciate history and classic beauty, the expense is worth it, and resale value is highly unlikely to ever diminish appreciably. It is easy to understand why some will bypass the staid gold bar to choose the inspiring figure of Lady Liberty on the US Mint’s American Eagle, the simple yet intricate virtues of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Maple Leaf and the natural grace of the South African Mint Krugerrand’s springbok antelope, as well as the engraved symbols of other nations such as China and Great Britain.

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