100 ounces Silver Bar - Royal Canadian Mint

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Precision and quality are signatures of silver bars produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, a world-renowned refiner.

Known in the industry as "RCM 100", these 100 ounces silver bars are the purest available on the market.

Each of these magnificent bars is stamped with the RCM logo, the weight "100 oz t", the purity "999.9", the metal "FINE SILVER ARGENT PUR", and a unique serial number. 

To emphasize the common heritage of all its bullion products, the Royal Canadian Mint has added two stylized maple leaf marks in reference to the Maple Leaf coins. In addition, the serial number is bordered by a series of vertically engraved lines, inspired by the coins’ radial line finish.

Maximize your investment with this low-premium silver bar.

  • Creation method
  • Cast
  • Length (mm)
  • 183
  • Width (mm)
  • 80
  • Weight
  • 100 ounces
  • Fineness
  • 999

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