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Minted by Valcambi, this 1 ounce palladium bar is a great way to introduce yourself to this under-rated precious metal. This bar is produced in Switzerland to an incredibly high standard, one that is befitting of the reputation this country has for high quality bullion.

These bars contain 1 troy ounce of pure palladium, refined to a purity of 99.95%. Also listed as .9995 and 999.5, this is the highest purity of palladium currently available.

Product Details

Valcambi was established back in the 1960s, and it has undergone several changes since then. However, it has always been an industry leader in precious metals and has been LBMA certified and COMEX deliverable since the 1970s. Valcambi are respected for their high quality craftsman-ship and are particularly popular with palladium investors, because while many of the best refineries and mints have neglected this precious metal, Valcambi have devoted an entire range to it.

With assay certificates, individual serial numbers and the Valcambi Sussie stamp, these 1 ounce palladium bars offer an accessible way to invest in palladium, perfect for first-time investors and for anyone looking to build on what they already have.

Just like other precious metals, palladium is used in a number of industries and is also valued by investors. It still lags behind gold, silver and platinum in the investment stakes, but with increasing demand from the industrial sector, and with more investors beginning to take notice, it is no surprise to see refineries like Valcambi adding palladium bars and rounds to their stock.


On the back of this 1 oz palladium bar from Valcambi, you will find the Valcambi Suisse name, surrounded by an intricate pattern. The face of the bar features a multi-tone effect. It is light at the top, where you will also find the Valcambi logo, and dark at the bottom, where you will find details of the size and purity of the bar, as well as the assay stamp and the unique serial number.

The assay certificate and the serial number allow you to verify that the product is what it says it is, and as well as guaranteeing the purity of the bar and therefore the value of your purchase, it will also make this product easier to sell when it comes time to profit from your investment.


Creation method Minted
Weight 1 ounce
Fineness .9995
Brand Valcambi
Creation method Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 1 ounce .9995 Valcambi

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