Buy Platinum Bullion allows you to buy physical platinum in the form of bars and coins. The platinum bullion products are LBMA certified and have never left the professional logistics chain since their manufacture. This traceability guarantees precious metals’ authenticity and purity of at least 99.95% platinum.

GoldBroker offers a free zone storage service which allows you to be exempt from VAT on the purchase/sale of platinum.
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Physical platinum

Men have been mining gold for thousands of years. This is not the case with platinum. Due to its higher melting point and the fact that it rarely occurs in its isolated form, platinum was not discovered until 1735. The complexity of the extraction process makes platinum one of the rarest metals in the world. All the platinum mined throughout history would only cover your ankles in one Olympic sized swimming pool.

Platinum has long been considered more valuable than gold. The metal, which once went by the nickname "gold of the rich", has actually cost more than the yellow metal for most of modern history. As a symbol, the bank cards reserved for a restricted fringe of the ultra-rich are now called “platinum”.

Silvery-white in appearance, platinum is more ductile than gold, silver or copper, meaning that it can be deformed easily without breaking. It is an extremely malleable "noble metal", resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. As the second densest metal in the world behind its cousin osmium, the characteristics of platinum make it an irreplaceable metal in the industry.

Indeed, platinum is not only used to make jewelry, bars, and coins. About 40% of platinum is destined for the automotive industry. It is mainly used to produce catalytic converters, an essential element in the fight to reduce toxic emissions from combustion engines. To a lesser extent, platinum is used in fuel cells for the new generation of electric cars. The global drive to reduce emissions even further will likely drive a growth in platinum use. The metal is also used in turbine engines, medical devices, computers, and the oil industry.

Jewelry accounts for a large share of global platinum demand. Due to its rarity and cost, platinum is highly sought after by consumers. It has many properties highly appreciated by jewelers. Extremely resistant to abrasion and rubbing, a piece of jewelry made essentially of platinum is designated as "eternal".

The rest of the platinum is used to make bullion and coins for the investment market.

While gold is produced in dozens of countries around the world, almost all of the world's platinum comes from two countries: South Africa and Russia. Any political or economic difficulties in these countries could have an impact on the price of platinum. Or the two countries could team up to artificially inflate platinum prices.

Due to its many industrial applications, the value of platinum depends more on the laws of supply and demand than on investor sentiment. The platinum price can be volatile, especially over a short period, and many analysts suggest that it is currently undervalued. A rare and highly sought-after industrial metal, platinum is now less expensive than gold and palladium, making it an attractive and relatively "cheap" alternative for any precious metal investment portfolio.

Buying bars and coins is certainly the most direct way to invest in platinum. Only a few refineries manufacture 99.95% pure platinum bullion products, the most popular being Valcambi and Credit Suisse.

While most platinum coins are only offered with a weight of 1 ounce, bullion bars are available from 1 ounce to 1 kg and represent an accessible way to buy larger quantities. Platinum bars are products tailored especially to investment purposes, while coins find favor with savvy investors and collectors who prefer the flexibility or the beauty of a coin.

Bullion bars are intended for investors who wish to accumulate large amounts of platinum at a lower cost. Indeed, the premium on platinum bars is lower than that applied to coins. The purchase of large platinum bars allows you to benefit from even lower premiums and thus maximize the number of ounces you can buy with your investment. Platinum coins on the other hand are liquid, divisible and can serve as an original and prestigious gift for your loved ones.

If you are interested in the metal only, i. e. in the pure platinum content, and have no interest in the intricate designs of the coins, bullion bars might be a good choice.

The amount of platinum purchased also has an impact on the premium, which will be reduced considerably when purchasing several coins or bars. offers commissions (including premiums) adapted to the investment amount.

Since platinum is one of the heaviest metals in the world, it can be complicated to have it delivered or to store it at home. It is usually better to entrust the custody of your stock of platinum to a specialized company, which will ensure its safekeeping and professional handling.

For optimal security and with a view to long-term investment, offers a storage service in your own name and outside the banking system. The vaults are managed by Malca-Amit, an independent company specializing in the safekeeping of valuables goods. As the sole owner of the precious metals, the client has direct access to the secure vaults for stock inspections or withdrawals. The stored bullion is insured against all risks by an internationally renowned company.

Even though it is recommendable to buy platinum as a long-term investment, rising prices or the urgent need for liquidity encourage some platinum holders to part with their bars or coins earlier than expected. But be careful, before selling platinum it is essential to choose a solid intermediary and to find out about the applicable taxation in your country of residence. offers a platinum buyback service (within 2 working days), exclusively reserved for clients who store their products in the vaults of Malca-Amit. The precious metals kept in the storage units have never left the professional logistics chain and thus retain their maximum resale value.

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Ownership and storage in your own name offers a simple solution to buying platinum in the form of bars or coins through a service that facilitates holding and storing precious metals in your own name. This solution eliminates any exposure to counterparty risk. As the sole owner of the metals, the investor has direct and personal access to the vaults for inspecting or withdrawing their physical platinum.
LBMA-certified products
All our platinum bars and coins are certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and produced by recognized refiners such as Valcambi, Asahi or the Royal Canadian Mint. The bullion products have a guaranteed minimum fineness of 99.95% (.9995). Since their manufacture they have never left the professional logistics chain, which guarantees the high quality, purity, and traceable origin of the platinum.
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