1 ounce Silver Philharmonic - Monster box of 500 - 2021 - Austrian Mint

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The runaway success of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin is not only limited to its golden manifestation. Struck in pure silver, the 1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Silver perpetuates an eight-hundred-year tradition of fine Austrian coinage and has also proved to be a massive hit with investors.

A virtually identical version of Thomas Pesendorfer’s original design for the gold coins also appear on the silver coins. The powerful Vienna Musikverein pipe organ decorates the obverse of the Silver Philharmonic coin, framed by REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH above and 1 UNZE FEINSILBER2021, and 1,50 EURO.

The reverse shows WIENER PHILHARMONIKER and SILBER over the design of musical instruments: a cello, a Vienna horn, a bassoon, a harp, and four violins. 

The Vienna Philharmonic is legal tender in Austria and remains the only European bullion coin with its face value in euro.

This 2021 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin is an harmonious and proven addition to your precious metals investment portfolio. Also perfect as a gift.


Creation method Minted
Year 2021
Legal tender value €1.50
Diameter (mm) 37
Thickness (mm) 3.2
Weight 1 ounce
Fineness .9999
Brand Austrian Mint
Creation method Year Legal tender value Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 2021 €1.50 37 3.2 1 ounce .9999 Austrian Mint

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