2 ounces Silver Hawksbill Turtle - Monster box of 200 - 2016 - New Zealand Mint

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A unique silver coin that bears the name of the Pacific island Niue, this product of the New Zealand Mint is a special piece that has caught the attention of many investors since first minted in 2014.

Product Details

This 2 troy ounce coin has quite a large diameter, at a fraction over 40mm, which means it has a fairly limited thickness. This makes it ideal for display purposes, which allows you to get the most out of this beautiful coin.

It was produced with a limited mintage of just 200,000, and therefore carries a premium. However, this is still a high mintage, so the premium is not too high.

Individual Silver Turtle coins are sealed at the mint and come encased in plastic capsules. Bulk coins are packed in tubes of 20, and shipped in boxes when enough of them are ordered.


The New Zealand Mint is well known for their unique designs. It’s a very successful privately-owned mint. This allows them to experiment with designs and products that other mints would never consider. Many of their most original designs are legal tender in Niue, including this one.

The coin depicts a Hawksbill Turtle on the obverse, in a swirly, detailed design accented by a small crescent border in which the word “Turtle” appears. On the reverse, there is a standard head design, showing Queen Elizabeth II in profile. There are other details on this side of the coin as well, including date and face value, as well as the words “Elizabeth II” and “Niue”.

The Mint

The New Zealand Mint is one of the most successful mints of recent years, producing some quirky, unique and simply stunning pieces, including characters from Disney films, Doctor Who and Star Wars. They tend to produce coins in very low mintages, which means that once they’re gone, they’re gone. It also means that, over time, as the mint grows more popular and as their series of coins gain a larger following, these coins will inevitably increase in value.

The New Zealand Mint creates coins for many Pacific nations. They do not, however, create legal tender for use in New Zealand, as all of this country’s coinage is made by the British Royal Mint.



Creation method Minted
Year 2016
Legal tender value NZ$5.00
Diameter (mm) 40.5
Thickness (mm) 5
Weight 2 ounces
Fineness .999
Brand New Zealand Mint
Creation method Year Legal tender value Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 2016 NZ$5.00 40.5 5 2 ounces .999 New Zealand Mint

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