30 grams Silver Panda - Monster box of 450 - 2016 - People's Bank of China

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One of the most popular bullion coins in the world, this is the signature coin for the official mint of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Silver Panda is an exceptional piece, and the 2016 edition is one of the best yet. This fine silver piece carries on a great tradition of quality bullion coins, ideal for collectors and investors alike.

Product Details

In 2016, the Chinese Mint has moved to the metric system: the 1 oz Silver Panda has been replaced with this new 30 gram Silver Panda, still containing .999 fine Silver. This coin is a little thinner than many other bullion coins, which means it has a larger diameter.

In the past there have been limited mintages of these coins, but the number has grown and grown over the years, to the point where it is so high that it might as well be unlimited. This is not a numismatic piece, but you won’t likely find a higher-quality bullion coin. In many circles, these coins fetch more money than standard bullion coins, which is why many bullion dealers in Europe (as an example) will give them higher individual prices than Maple Leafs, Silver Eagles and other major bullion coins of the same size and specs.

Quantities of 450 coins ship in a mint-sealed monster box (15 coins in each sealed sheet). These are supplied directly by the mint and therefore still carry the mint seal when they arrive at your door.


This coin has been minted since the 1980s, in both silver and gold versions. The main characteristics have never changed, in that it has always featured pandas on one side and the Temple of Heaven (located in Beijing) on the other. However, the designs are tweaked every year, especially in the case of the bear. The 2016 Panda design is as intricate as ever, featuring one adult panda clinging to a branch, looking content.

The Temple of Heaven design portrays this amazing structure in fine detail, encircled by a silver border with the year inscribed at the bottom, and Chinese characters at the top that say “The People’s Republic of China”. This is the centerpiece of the Chinese Mint’s catalog, the flagship product for their range of bullion, and one that all collectors prize.

  • Creation method
  • Minted
  • Year
  • 2016
  • Legal tender value
  • CN¥10.00
  • Diameter (mm)
  • 40
  • Thickness (mm)
  • 2.98
  • Weight
  • 30 grams
  • Fineness
  • .999

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