Dear Sir/ Madam,

Important: This announcement is for the European trading desk only.

GoldBroker’s team wishes to inform you that the banking information of our European account has changed. From now on please use the updated information when transferring funds to our company.

GoldBroker has been looking for several years to find a European banking partner that would be favorable to physical gold investment. This is the case of the Sparkasse Bank. We have thus decided to start a long-term banking relationship with Sparkasse Bank that has a good understanding of our business sector.

Starting Monday, April 25 2016, for all future money transfers to Europe, please use the new banking informations available in your "Investor's area".

Please note that this change has no incidence whatsoever with payments realised via PayPal and debit cards. Until April 25 2016, transfers made using the former banking information will be treated normally.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us,

Team GoldBroker