New York, January 6, 2015 Group announces acquisition of domain name.

The Group, which just announced the opening of a New York office, intends to use the domain name on the French market in order to more easily reach French investors/savers and let them know about our unique physical gold ownership and storage service in full name.


Fabrice Drouin Ristori, founder and CEO of the Group since its inception in April, 2011, explains:

“Communicating with our clients in their native language is paramount. Our “Goldbroker” trademark, already known globally in the precious metals brokerage and storage sector, deserves to be replaced by such a trademark as on the French-speaking markets. When the opportunity to acquire arose, we discussed it internally with Egon von Greyerz (board member) and did not hesitate to take the necessary steps to acquire it.

An easy key word to memorise, such as “Or” (gold), will allow us to reach a large base of potential investors and feature our specific services more easily.

We will keep using the “Goldbroker” trademark on the international markets but, in January, we will replace with on the French-speaking markets.

Our Group wishes to accelerate its development in 2016 and, following the opening of our New York office, we are looking to improve our position on the French-speaking markets.”


ABOUT GOLDBROKER.COM: is an investment platform which allows full name ownership and storage of precious metals outside the banking system in Zurich, New York, Toronto and Singapore.’s concept is unique for a fundamental reason: Not only investors own gold or silver in their name, but they also store their precious metals in full name, having direct and personal access to the secured vaults, thus avoiding any exposure to counterparty risks.


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