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The Lady Fortuna motif is recognized throughout the precious metal industry as a sign of quality, an assurance of purity and a guarantee of authenticity. This was actually the very first decorative motif to be featured on a precious metal bar, and it has since become the most popular, with PAMP Lady Fortuna bars sought by gold and silver investors alike.

Product Details

These 1 kilogram bars are minted, which means they have a polished finish and were created to exacting standards. Unlike cast bars which are roughly stamped and contain a number of imperfections, these minted bars are flawless. They are as perfect as a gold bar can be.

The detail on these bars is like nothing else on the market, which is why PAMP products are often in demand and provide investors with high liquidity.

These 1 kilogram bars feature the design of Lady Fortuna on the face. Filling the ingot's entire surface, the elegant, rectilinear design portrays the goddess of fortune with the following elements, beautifully rendered: Outstretched hands and golden coins, which together not only communicate Fortuna's power to bestow wealth, but also the importance of sharing good fortune with others. Just visible behind her, the Wheel of Fortune warns of the ever-watchful eyes of Justice and Fate. She can also be seen with sheaves of wheat symbol of abundancea poppy blossom ancient symbol of immortality, and a Horn of Plenty, formed from the flowing locks of the goddess' hair, and a universally recognized symbol of prosperity and happiness.

The back of the gold bar shows the assay stamp, commonly found on PAMP products, as well as the purity and the weight of the bar. This side of the bar also contains the PAMP Suisse stamp, as well as a unique serial number, which provides an extra layer of security and guarantees that this bar was indeed produced by PAMP Suisse.

The bars also come with an assay certificate, which is included separately. This certificate contains a serial number that matches the number on the bar (another sign that the product you have is genuine).


Creation method Minted
Length (mm) 118
Width (mm) 52.5
Weight 1 kilogram
Fineness .9999
Brand PAMP
Creation method Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 118 52.5 1 kilogram .9999 PAMP

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