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The 1 Kilo Gold Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint is a uniquely presented piece that makes for a great addition to any serious precious metal collection. This is a brick of gold, a solid kilo (32.15 ounces) of the finest .9999 gold produced by one of the world’s most celebrated mints. Each bar comes stamped with the Royal Canadian Mint brand logo, and it also includes a unique serial number, as well as details of the bar’s weight and purity. This information is included on the face of the bar, and there is nothing on the reverse.

These 1 Kilo Gold Bars are delivered in a unique presentation case. This makes it an ideal display piece, and it is also the perfect gift for any precious metal collector. The bars themselves are sealed in plastic to keep them fresh and to ensure they remain guarded against the elements. The bars are then stored in a wooden case, which can be closed to keep the bar locked away, or opened and raised to put it on show.

These bars also come with individual assay certificates, guaranteeing the quality and the weight of the metal. These certificates are issued by the Royal Canadian Mint and signed by the Chief Assayer. When you purchase any precious metal produced by the Royal Canadian Mint you are buying into a name that can be trusted, a name that has a huge following all over the world, and you shouldn’t have an issue when it comes time to profit from your investment.

The Royal Canadian Mint

Often abbreviated to “RCM”, the Royal Canadian Mint is the official mint of Canada and manufactures coins for circulation in the country. It also creates coins for other countries and for other mints, and produces a specialist range of bars, medals and coins for the precious metal investment market. They are perhaps best known for their Maple Leaf coins, which is the official bullion coin of the Royal Canadian Mint and is produced in silver, gold, palladium and platinum, with a variety of denominations available.

The same care and attention that goes into these popular coins also goes into their bullion bars, and the Royal Canadian Mint are one of the industry leaders in refinement, minting and casting techniques. They are one of the few mints to produce gold to a fineness of .99999, and they also lead the way in the conversion of platinum and palladium to bullion coins. What’s more, the Royal Canadian Mint was the very first mint to use multi-ply plating and the first to create colored coins, which is now a staple technique used to create a huge range of numismatic and bullion coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint also created the first coin with a $1 million face value. This was produced from 100kg of .99999 gold, and carried a precious metal value that was significantly higher than the value inscribed on its face.

  • Creation method
  • Cast
  • Weight
  • 1 kilogram
  • Fineness
  • .9999

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