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The PAMP 1 Ounce Gold Bar is one of the most popular gold bars in the world, propelled by the strength of the Lady Fortuna design. That is not the only design you will find on PAMP bars though, and one of the newest additions to the lineup is a simple PAMP Design. It comes with all the features expected from this renowned precious metal refiner and fabricator.

Product Details

This bar has been refined to a high purity, before being sealed in protective packaging. This is how the bar is shipped, so the product you receive is in the same state it was when it left the mint.

It is 1.71 mm thick and measures 41 mm by 24 mm. The purity of the gold is 99.99%, which you will also see listed as 999.9 and .999.


This bar features the same packaging you will find on other PAMP products. The tamper-proof packaging protects your product and displays authenticity information, as well as other details about the bar. Some of this information also appears on the bar itself, including purity, weight, serial number and a stamp from the Assayer.

The PAMP logo is on the front, and the word “Suisse” covers the back of the bar, stamped in an all-over diagonal design.

The Mint

PAMP creates some of the purest and most beautiful precious metal bars in the world. They are renowned for their methods and exceptional products, many of which carry a premium. They deal in gold, silver and platinum and refine all metals to a very high purity. PAMP was the first refiner to engrave such intricate designs and patterns onto bars. Their refining, casting and engraving techniques are highly-praised and, with the security methods and quality packaging on all their products, it’s easy to see why their products tend to carry premiums.


Creation method Minted
Length (mm) 41
Width (mm) 24
Weight 1 ounce
Fineness .9999
Brand PAMP
Creation method Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 41 24 1 ounce .9999 PAMP

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