100 grams Fortuna Gold Bar - PAMP

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Featuring the iconic Lady Fortuna design, the 100 gram Gold PAMP Fortuna bar is a great way to get involved with this precious metal. This investment-grade gold bar is recognized for its superior quality all over the world, and there is no better bar for the size or the money.

These Swiss-made bars feature an intricate design of a blindfolded Lady Fortuna on the front, with the details of the bar, along with its stamp, on the reverse. These bars are all branded with individual certificate numbers and assay stamps, and details about the bar’s weight, purity and more are all included either on the bar itself, or on the protective packaging that keeps it safe from the elements.

Only the Roman goddess of fortune can so admirably convey the ideals and prestige of the world's leading independent precious metals refinery.

PAMP Quality

PAMP Suisse is a precious metals refining company based in Switzerland. It was founded in the late 1970s and began making small gold bars and jewelry. Before long it branched out into bullion bars and currently makes bars ranging from 1 gram to 12.5 kilograms (as it is based in Europe, most of their measurements are in grams and not ounces). PAMP Suisse also create collectible and legal tender coins, but as these are minted for other companies, their name rarely finds its way onto these pieces.

PAMP Suisse holds a number of accreditations and employs assayers who work in accordance with Swiss law to determine and certify the quality of their products.

Security and Premium Quality

You will not find PAMP Fortuna bars at spot price. The attention to detail that each bar receives means that they are much rarer and much more unique than many standard gold bars. This makes them highly sought-after by investors, which in turn means that PAMP Fortuna bars, and indeed many other bars sold by PAMP Suisse, are considered to be premium products. In the investment community it is generally assumed that when it comes time to sell and to make a profit, PAMP Fortuna bars will be much easier to offload than unbranded and low quality bars.

This is partly down to the high purity of the bars, as well as the intricate design. However, the main reason PAMP Fortuna bars are so sought-after is because each one of them comes with a tamper-evident assay card that guarantees both the weight and the quality of the gold. They also come with Veriscan technology, which allows the user to verify that the product does indeed come from PAMP. All official Veriscan products are automatically authenticated at the Mint, before being scanned into a database.

  • Creation method
  • Minted
  • Length (mm)
  • 55
  • Width (mm)
  • 32
  • Weight
  • 100 grams
  • Fineness
  • 9999

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