500 grams fortuna Gold Bar - PAMP


The PAMP Suisse name is well regarded throughout the bullion industry, offering greater liquidity than many other precious metal bars due to their high demand. This bar is a sizable slab of gold for serious investors looking to increase their stockpile.

Product Details

PAMP Suisse produce bars in a range of sizes and are perhaps best known for their micro bars, which offer small-scale investors a chance to purchase high quality gold. These particular bars are far from small and are aimed at investors who seek bulk gold that doesn’t sacrifice purity. More often than not, gold bars in larger weights carry a purity of just 99.9. In fact, this is the standard for the Good Delivery list. However, these PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna bars go one step beyond that and provide a purity not usually seen beyond the smaller denomination bars.

Refined to 999.9 (also listed as 99.99% or .9999) the Lady Fortuna gold bar is one of PAMP’s finest creations and, for such an illustrious mint, that’s saying something.

Filling the ingot's entire surface, the elegant, rectilinear design portrays the goddess of fortune with the following elements, beautifully rendered: Outstretched hands and golden coins, which together not only communicate Fortuna's power to bestow wealth, but also the importance of sharing good fortune with others. Just visible behind her, the Wheel of Fortune warns of the ever-watchful eyes of Justice and Fate. She can also be seen with sheaves of wheat symbol of abundance, a poppy blossom ancient symbol of immortality, and a Horn of Plenty, formed from the flowing locks of the goddess' hair, and a universally recognized symbol of prosperity and happiness.

As is the case with all PAMP bars, these 500 gram bars come with a separate assay certificate. This certificate contains information that can also be found on the bar (including the serial number) and all genuine bars should contain a serial number that matches the one on the assay certificate.


Creation method Minted
Length (mm) 85.5
Width (mm) 54
Weight 500 grams
Fineness .9999
Brand PAMP
Creation method Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 85.5 54 500 grams .9999 PAMP

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