Bernanke’s « Syrian Moment »

Published by Fabrice Drouin Ristori | Sep 29, 2013

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s decision to go ahead with unabated quantitative easing (QE) seems to have taken many by surprise. To such an extent that, from now on, the major market participants are saying they have totally lost faith in Ben Bernanke. True, Ben Bernanke has been saying constantly, fo...

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Bernanke Confessing QE Tapering Impossible

Published by Philippe Herlin | Sep 26, 2013

Last Thursday, there was quite a surprise : contrary to what the majority of market participants were anticipating, Ben Bernanke decided not to taper his QE (quantitative easing). Thus, $85B a month is still being created by the Fed to keep buying $45B of federal debt and $40B of mortgage-backed sec...

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Emerging Countries : The End Game?

Published by Philippe Herlin | Aug 22, 2013

According to Morgan Stanley, in the week starting August 14, $760 million have been withdrawn from emerging countries funds, $590 million of which in Asia, for both stock shares and debt obligations. And this is the third consecutive week of withdrawals

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