Recession Looming in Europe

Published by Philippe Herlin | May 12, 2022
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Christine Lagarde's denial, its refusal to raise the key rate, and its apathy towards inflation, will prolong the weakening of the euro against the dollar, thus creating an additional cause of inflation (raw materials being paid in dollars, the fall of the euro mechanically increases their price). B...

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Towards The Collapse Of Purchasing Power

Published by Philippe Herlin | Apr 28, 2022
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This important loss of purchasing power, imperfectly compensated by government subsidies, will lead us into a recession. The savers who put their trust in physical gold will preserve their savings, but this is only individual behavior; the governments that benefit from the money printing press will...

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After Inflation, Here Come The Shortages

Published by Philippe Herlin | Mar 30, 2022
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We can already hear the leaders of Western countries blaming Putin for the rise in prices... It's very convenient, but it's not true: it's their money printing, to finance their deficits, which has long been feeding the current inflation. The war in Ukraine only reinforces and accelerates this trend...

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Why Is Inflation Here To Stay

Published by Philippe Herlin | Jan 6, 2022
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The leaders of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) have long promised us that their lax monetary policy would not lead to inflation, and that we should not worry, that it would be "transitory". They now concede that the transitional period could be prolonged, but conti...

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Onwards To Stagflation

Published by Philippe Herlin | Dec 9, 2021
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The Danish bank, Saxo Bank, has become famous for publishing every year a series of ten "outrageous predictions" that are supposed to profoundly change our societies in the coming year. The exercise is difficult and these predictions rarely come true. But they have the merit of pointing out problems...

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Inflation: How The Cantillon Effect Is Ruining Us

Published by Philippe Herlin | Nov 11, 2021
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The mass distribution is planning a price increase in food, reports Le Figaro. Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the hypermarket group of the same name, expects "a hell of a price increase this month". This should not come as a surprise. This was foreseen by one of the few economic theories that...

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Evergrande, the "Chinese Lehman Brothers"?

Published by Philippe Herlin | Sep 16, 2021
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Evergrande, China's largest property developer, directly employs 200,000 people and indirectly employs 3.8 million people. Problem: the group is bankrupt and announced on September 14 that it is facing a risk of default. Evergrande is crushed by liabilities of nearly 260 billion euros, while it has...

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Alert: Real Interest Rate Collapses

Published by Philippe Herlin | Sep 2, 2021
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Central banks are stuck and condemned to see the value of their currencies deteriorate, hoping that inflation will be "temporary". So this situation will continue and get stronger, maybe one day we will reach the -10% real interest rate, as in my fiction (i.e. a division by two of the value of savin...

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