Product Owner (PO) / Project Manager

The Product Owner (PO) primary remit is to coordinate the team of developers (fullstack, frontend/backend developers) on the development and maintenance of the and websites, so that they work as efficiently as possible.

Expert in agile methodology, he will be the link between the business and technical parts of the project. The PO will have to maximize the value of the product resulting from the work of the development team, within the budget and the time allocated to the project. He/she will be responsible for the success of the product, from its conception to its development, but also for the management of the backlog. He/she will therefore contribute to the realization of the roadmap and will supervise all technical projects, ensuring their proper execution.


  • Be fully knowledgeable of the site and understand the technical details of the project to assist teams with any issues.
  • Manage the product roadmap and sprints, perform technical intelligence to define the major strategic directions.
  • Write, organize and prioritize backlog items.
  • Ensure that the ticket backlog is visible, transparent and clear to all.
  • Discuss the current status of the backlog, upcoming targets and goals.
  • Discuss likely delivery dates.
  • Share progress.
  • Share the total work remaining (at each sprint review), creating forecasts and making this information transparent to stakeholders.
  • Write test cases.
  • Quality control : maintain product quality from end-to-end, ensuring quality through the coding process and for the delivered product.
  • Organize and facilitate meetings.
  • Organize and facilitate training for the developers in the latest tech advancements.
  • Implement procedures to improve the efficiency and working conditions of employees.

 Technology: Gitlab

Required qualifications:

  • Education: Bachelor-level
  • Experience: 3 to 5 years minimum
  • Languages: French (fluent), English
  • Skills: Management, calendaring, organization skills, office software, confidentiality, communication, proactive monitoring, skilled multi-taske, writing.

 Contract: Full-time

◆ Workplace: London

Hiring date: As of September 2022


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