Web Developer (Full Stack)

The team behind GoldBroker is looking for an experienced web developer to join its dynamic team. As a web developer, you will participate in the development and implementation of new features, work on the evolution of existing projects and on the maintenance of our website (mobile, desktop and app integration). You will work closely with the Developers, the Product Owner and the various stakeholders to keep our platform efficient and functional. A platform that our customers love and trust.

◆ Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop and maintain our responsive websites across desktop and mobile
  • Collaborate with the Product Owner and the different stakeholders to develop different features, deliver different projects, work on functional tasks and debugging
  • Ensure code quality and website performance
  • Maintain and update of our websites across different platforms
  • Work closely with our teams and clients to understand their needs and expectations
  • Stay up to date with the latest technologies and practices to help innovate and improve our platform

◆ Essential skills:

  • A degree in computer science, web development or similar field
  • Proof record in web development, with in-depth knowledge of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL
  • Experience and precision on different projects
  • Experience with RESTful APIs and general APIs
  • Good knowledge of technical SEO practices
  • Capable to solve problems and analyse code
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Framework PHP Symfony 2
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Git

 Desired skills:

  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • Behat
  • Atoum

◆ We work with the following tools:

  • Docker
  • Docker-compose
  • Nginx
  • Symfony 4
  • Doctrine (ORM / PHPCR)
  • MySQL 5.7
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch 7
  • Jackrabbit
  • RabbitMQ
  • Less CSS (soon to be replaced by Sass)
  • Behat
  • Atoum PHP
  • Bower
  • NodeJS
  • Duplicity
  • Kibana
  • Logstash
  • Selenium
  • Supervisor

 Languages: Bilingual or native French speaker. Technical English is required.

 Experience:  5 years +

 Education : Bachelor Degree

 Contract: Full time (Contractor)

◆ Place of work: London, hybrid


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System Administrator / DevOps

The DevOps system administrator will design, install and ensure the proper functioning of Goldbroker's IT and network infrastructure. He/she will be in contact with the developer teams, his/her technical manager, the network and security teams, the hosting solution providers and the professional communities of the tools he/she uses.


  • Design, install and maintain servers (prod, staging, testing).
  • Manage IT security (access permissions, firewalls, protections, rate limit, monitoring, etc.).
  • Ensure the application of procedures (encryption, confidentiality, backup, security, etc.)
  • Manage domain names and emails.
  • Set up a safe for the identifiers of the different services used by the company.
  • Management of the continuous integration system.
  • Set up a continuous deployment system (orchestration of docker containers).
  • Manage data storage.
  • Adopt a logical approach to diagnose the cause of a malfunction and remedy it.
  • Monitor the technical aspects of the platforms and their technologies.
  • Define and implement service statistics.
  • If necessary, the DevOps must be able to dive into coding and take over some development tasks.


  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Symfony
  • Doctrine
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • Jackrabbit
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap
  • Webpack (+ bower)
  • Gitlab-CI
  • Behat
  • Atoum PHP

Required qualifications:

  • Education: Bachelor-level
  • Experience: 5 years minimum
  • Languages: French (fluent), English

 Contract: Full-time (freelance)

◆ Workplace: Remote work


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