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Produced by Asahi Refining, these 1 ounce silver bars are some of the most beautiful 1 ounce bars on the market, providing an accessible way to invest in this precious metal. These bars will not look out of place in any collection and their flat, uniform shape, as well as the rim that curves around their edge, means that they are also easily stacked.

Product Details

This exceptional piece of fine silver was created in the same refinery and using the same tech-niques as the Johnson Matthey bars that preceded it. British-based Johnson Matthey were consid-ered to be one of the biggest names in the bullion industry, with their products sought-after by gold and silver investors alike, and with close to 200 years of experience and some high standards backing those products up. When Asahi Refining acquired the Johnson Matthey refineries in a 2014 purchase, they decided to keep those high standards alive, and today the only difference between these Asahi Refining bars and the old Johnson Matthey bars, is the logo and the inscriptions.

These bars are minted in .999 fine silver, containing exactly 1 troy ounce each. They are produced in some of the most respected refineries in North America, including the famed Asahi (formerly Johnson Matthey) refinery in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The reverse of this 1 ounce silver bar features the Asahi Refining logo and name, along with the weight of the bar and the purity of the silver contained within it. There is also a serial number on the bottom of the reverse, and these numbers are unique to individual bars.

The obverse of the bar contains the Asahi Refining logo. This is repeated across the face, creating an intricate design. The bar itself has a matte finish and is slightly rough to the touch, something which doesn’t really come across in the images on display.

These bars, unlike many other bars produced by Asahi Refining in their North American refineries, do not come with assay stamps or certificates. However, the serial number provides an extra level of security and verification, as does Asahi Refining’s name and their status as one of the biggest precious metal refiners in the world. All of these 1 ounce silver bars are also supplied individually packaged, in order to keep them safe and protected during transit and storage.

  • Creation method
  • Minted
  • Weight
  • 1 ounce
  • Fineness
  • .999

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