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These stackable 10 ounce silver bars are produced to a high standard by Asahi Refining, in their North American refineries. These bars are a great way to purchase high quality bulk silver at close to spot price, with a name that has more history and more potential than any other.

Product Details

In 2014, Asahi Refining purchased Johnson Matthey, a British precious metal company with refin-eries all over the world and a history going back nearly 200 years. Many of the Asahi Refining products have been adapted from old Johnson Matthey favorites, including this 10 ounce silver bar.

This 10 ounce silver Asahi Refining bar is created to a similar spec as the Johnson Matthey bar that preceded it. This was one of JM’s flagship products, one that exemplified their exceptional standards and their unparalleled attention to detail, all of which have also been instilled into this Asahi Refining creation. That’s because part of the $162 million purchase involved the transfer of Johnson Matthey’s refineries, including one of the most celebrated precious metal refineries in the world, which is located in Salt Lake City. So, not only do Asahi Refining use the same methods that Johnson Matthey used, but they also use the same machinery and the same refineries, which means that while this bar bears the Asahi Refining name, its soul is Johnson Matthey.

These bars contain 10 troy ounces of fine .999 silver, and they are all individually packaged, which is how they are presented to the buyer.


These 10 ounce silver bars contain a few standard inscriptions on the face, including the purity and the weight of the bar, as well as the Asahi Refining logo and name. This name is big and bold, tak-ing pride of place on the bar and showing that Asahi Refining are eager to show the precious metal community that they are proud of their brand and are not interested in hiding behind the historical JM branding. This logo is also displayed on the obverse of the bar, where it forms an intricate pat-tern. There are no other markings or inscriptions on this side of the bar.

All of these 10 ounce silver Asahi bars also contain an individual serial number, which adds an extra layer of security and means that all genuine bars can be traced back to Asahi Refining and to their refineries.

  • Creation method
  • Minted
  • Weight
  • 10 ounces
  • Fineness
  • .999

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