100 ounces Silver Bar - Republic Metals Corporation


Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) has one of the largest refineries in the world, with more than 3,000 tons of silver produced annually.
Renowned for the quality of its products, RMC produces100 ounce silver bullion bars, which meet all investment standards.
Each bar is etched with it weight, the "Republic Metals Corporation" logo and a unique serial number.
The fineness of silver is greater than or equal to .999. 1 Kg bars provide a higher liquidity than 100 ounce bars.


Creation method Cast
Length (mm) 183
Width (mm) 80
Weight 100 ounces
Fineness .999
Brand Republic Metals Corporation
Creation method Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Cast 183 80 100 ounces .999 Republic Metals Corporation

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