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Large bullion bars such as this are favored by precious metal investors wishing to get the biggest bang for the buck when protecting and diversifying their wealth. 1,000 ounces is an approximate value at this size, usually falling somewhere between 930 and 1,080 ounces. The refinery identifies each bar’s exact weight in troy ounces and its hallmark, along with its unique identification number.

AGR Matthey silver bars were recognized by the London Bullion Market Association in 2003, for having met its stringent set of criteria on casting, refining and assaying. All Goldbroker providers are guaranteed to have such certification. The Perth Mint (established in 1899 by the Royal Mint and recognized by LBMA since at least 1928) brand is often applied to this 1,000 oz. silver London Good Delivery bar, although many still bear the AGR Matthey stamp.

The Perth Mint is highly acclaimed for its stunning array of silver coinage with popular and traditional engravings, often in color. In addition to these collectibles, it produces less polished gold and silver bullion bars for the investor intent on finding lower margins over spot price.

Given this product’s considerable weight (perhaps up to 70 pounds or heavier), Goldbroker recommends it be kept, along with the rest of your hoard, in our partner’s secure vault facilities. Simply ask one of our experts for details, or investigate our web site further.


AGR Matthey has been wholly owned by the Perth Mint since 2010, when joint ownership, established in 1998, between the Western Australian Mint, the Australian Gold Alliance Pty Ltd and Johnson Matthey in Australia and New Zealand dissolved. (Johnson Matthey traces its Australian roots back to 1948. Since 1990, it has been headquartered in Melbourne.)

  • Creation method
  • Cast
  • Weight
  • 1,000 ounces
  • Fineness
  • 999

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