1000 ounces Silver Bar - Argor-Heraeus


The 1,000 troy ounce silver bar is preferred by the serious investor, as it offers the lowest markup over spot price. Refineries pour such bars from molten silver ore, allow them to cool, and then weigh and stamp them. At this point, a bar weighs somewhere between 930 ounces and 1,080 ounces, in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 pounds. The exact weight is stamped on it along with its purity (.999), unique serial number and the refinery’s hallmark. Every one of these bars that are acquired through Goldbroker is certified by the London Bullion Market Association.

Due to its significant weight, the 1,000 oz. bar is usually stored in a secure location, as opposed to personal placement in a home, office, etc. Goldbroker strongly recommends storage in the private high-security facilities of our partner Malca-Amit, outside of the banking system. One of our precious metals experts will facilitate this arrangement but you will undertake a one-to-one relationship with the storage company. The silver will be in your name, and it is yours to keep or liquidate at your discretion.


With its headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland, Argor Heraeus is a master refiner of silver (and gold, platinum and palladium), and transforms them into investment products, finished and semi-finished products for banks (including Swiss parent company UBS and partner company Commerzbank of Germany) and the electronics, chemical, watch and jewelry industries.


Creation method Cast
Weight 1000 ounces
Fineness .999
Brand Argor-Heraeus
Creation method Weight Fineness Brand
Cast 1000 ounces .999 Argor-Heraeus

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