Eric King: Peter, the Germans asked to see their gold supposedly stored at the New York Fed and they were told, ‘No,’ by the Fed. The absurd excuse given to the Germans was that their entry into the vault would somehow represent a ‘security risk.’ This is of course preposterous but that was the lie that was used to conceal whatever truth the New York Fed did not want the Germans to discover -- namely that their gold was already sold into the market.

Peter Boehringer: That’s absolutely right. I can only agree with you that it is preposterous. Even the 5 tonnes that have been repatriated back to Germany from the Fed had to be recast. Why in the world would our original serial-numbered gold bars deposited into the Fed for safekeeping have to be melted down and recast into new bars? 

This caused great concern on our end because it only increased the speculation that the German gold had already been sold into the market and was not safely stored in the New York Fed’s vault. This is my opinion also. I don’t believe that the Fed has our gold and that’s why they would not allow for the gold to be seen by German officials.

Many prominent people have openly written and discussed their belief that the German gold is already gone -- that the Fed has betrayed the German people with their clandestine gold-leasing activities. It would be so easy for the Fed and the Bundesbank to disprove these concerns by conducting a proper audit of the U.S. gold reserves as well as the foreign gold which is allegedly stored at the New York Fed. This would have to be done with substantial photo and video evidence and it would also have to be confirmed by individuals whom the world could trust. But this is not happening.

This is one of many things that make the German people so suspicious about the U.S. Federal Reserve. But we the German people are still entitled to ask for it back from the Fed and that’s what we are doing. But contrary to patently false information recently published on a major internet site in the United States, the pressure inside Germany is building for the Bundesbank to get our gold back onto German soil. That kind of misinformation is potentially damaging to the cause and so we will fight against this every step of the way. 

This is the reason I asked to be interviewed by King World News -- because I want the world to know the truth about what is really happening in Germany. And the truth is that this historic movement to repatriate Germany’s gold is stronger than ever, especially in the face of the Fed’s clandestine activities and the Bundesbank’s refusal to cooperate. But I am confident that in the end the German citizens will prevail and Germany will get its gold back onto German soil where it belongs because the momentum over the past several years is clearly on our side. And I don’t care if the gold is not at the New York Fed, they can buy it back in the open market.

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