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Prepare for the Coming Reset: Real Assets Are Key
Published by Marc Friedrich | Sep 7, 2021 | Articles 3106

Willem Middlekoop is convinced that in a restructured financial system, gold must and will have a place again. Central bankers are also aware of the imbalances in the current system and are already looking for a new "anchor" that will one day replace the US dollar. The market veteran thinks that gold could become an important pillar of the new system alongside the IMF's Special Drawing Rights and large-scale debt restructuring, as people will flee into real assets if they lose confidence in the financial system.

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Inflation Will Make Silver A Winner
Published by Marc Friedrich | Aug 22, 2021 | Articles 3283

In today's interview about the commodities supercycle, Marc Friedrich talks with Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank, about a wide range of topics such as inflation, deflation, price targets for precious metals and the one asset of the commodity sector, where Hansen currently sees the best potential.

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The End of the U.S. Dollar
Published by Marc Friedrich | Jan 17, 2021 | Articles 3187

In this video, we talk about disastrous central bank policies, commodities, gold, bitcoin and how to best position yourself now. Gromen is considered as an absolute insider regarding the changes in the global currency system. In his publications, he shows why we are facing the biggest change in 80 years and who the winners and losers are should the US dollar be replaced as the world's reserve currency.

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