Outspoken Hong Kong hedge fund manager William Kaye spoke with Eric king (KWN) about the missing Fed and German gold, where it has gone, and how much gold the People’s Bank Of China (PBOC) really owns. Kaye, who 25 years ago worked for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions, is one of the savviest and well connected hedge fund managers in the world.

William Kaye: Global hegemony (leadership or dominance) is changing in a way that most people don’t fully comprehend. This area of the world, the Asia-Pacific, China in particular, is positioning itself to be the leading global power as we look out over the next five to ten years.

My sources tell me that contrary to the public numbers that are available, China has anywhere between 4,000 to possibly 8,000 tons of (physical) gold....

They are not only the world’s largest producer of gold, but they are the largest importer of gold in the world.

This is an ongoing process for China. This is a strategic initiative. So China is massively accumulating the gold that is being extricated from the West at a very rapid pace. The dynamics here are very geopolitical, and the Far-East is being elevated by this. 

In the ‘New World Order,’ which will ensue when this raid ends, China’s position, Russia’s position, Brazil’s position, will be greatly enhanced. The position of the United States, as well as Europe and the UK, will be greatly reduced. Those are the major consequences.

Eric King: Bill, you say China has over 4,000 tons of gold already, possibly as high as 8,000 tons. Where do you see them heading in terms of their overall ownership of gold?

William Kaye: Well, they’re not done yet. Gold has been leased out, and we do know this (takes place) because it’s been admitted to by the major central banks. The Fed has admitted it, the European Central Bank has admitted it, the Bank of England has admitted it. They’ve all admitted that they engage in wholesale leasing of gold to the market.

In practice how that (leasing) works is the Fed would contact their agent, typically JP Morgan, sometimes Goldman Sachs, and they would say, ‘OK, the gold price needs to be capped, so here is 20, 30, 40, 50 tons (of gold) that we’re going to lease out to you as our agent. But in theory we can call it back.

That’s a great theory, but in reality it’s nonsense because once JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs get the gold they sell it into the market.  So these bullion banks then become net-short gold.  And the Fed says, ‘Well, we still have a contract where in theory we can claim the gold.  So we’re going to report that we still own it in the official documents.’

But in reality the gold has been sold into the market. That gold winds up in places like Beijing. But before it gets to Beijing it frequently goes through Hong Kong. And when it goes to Hong Kong, it goes to our refiner, the same people we use. And by the way, Eric, we may own some of the gold that Germany thinks that they own. But Germany will never see that gold because it’s safely stored in my account (and) for our investors at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Regarding that gold, which could have had the symbol of the Bundesbank on it when it arrived in Hong Kong, a leading refiner, one of the biggest in the world that deals with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), certified that, ‘Yes, we’ve got gold available that we can deliver. We’ve melted it down, we’ve tested it. It may have had the Bundesbank symbol on it when it arrived, but now it’s melted down .9999 (fine) gold.’ 

That’s how it works in practice. So the Fed gold, that Americans think is theirs, is gone. The gold that the Germans have been told they will get back in 7 years, they’ll never get back because it doesn’t exist anymore (at the Fed). I own it. The People’s Bank of China owns it. The Reserve Bank of India owns it. The central bank of Russia owns it. But the people of Germany (and America) don’t own it.

Eric King: So they (the refiner) have admitted then that the Bundesbank gold, they get those bars in and they just melt them down?

William Kaye: What they’ve done is confirmed that everything I’ve told you is correct. They get gold (bars) from all over the place, including major central banks, including the symbol of the central bank on them, and they melt them down.

Eric KingBut they’ve confirmed the Western central bank gold is where it comes from in many cases?

William Kaye: Reading between the lines, and you don’t have to read too much between the lines, it’s all a farce. The gold is gone. It’s been hypothecated and rehypothecated. It’s gone. Not only do the Fed and the U.S. Treasury not own 8,000+ tons, they probably own nothing.

Original source: Kingworldnews