is changing its name to

The goal of this change is to enhance the comprehension and identification of our services on the French-speaking markets by getting as close as possible to the term which defines best our activities in this sector: gold.

This brand is thus easily recognizable and memorized for anyone interested in investment gold.

"Our company, on the French-speaking markets since 2011, quickly positioned itself as a key player in the trading and storage of physical gold. Using the brand, acquired in 2016, will allow us to strengthen our position in the market, while increasing our visibility and accessibility”, stated Frabrice Drouin Ristori, founder and CEO of

This change is only valid for the French-speaking markets and does not entail any modifications in our services. will remain our brand on all other international markets.

ABOUT OR.FR: offers an investment solution in physical gold and silver along with secured storage outside of the banking system.

What makes our service most specific is the storage, which is direct and in full name. Each of our clients, as sole and unique owner of his/her precious metals, has direct and personal access to the secured vaults managed by our third-party partner, Malca-Amit.

There is no intermediary between our clients and their precious metals. does not store the metals for its clients. Storage certificates are issued by Malca-Amit. Our service eliminates all and any exposure to counterparty risks, and it constitutes, at his point in time, the safest way to hold physical gold on the market. also offers delivery service in partnership with Brink’s, which allows our clients to take possession of their products in optimum security and discretion conditions by going directly to one of the 63 Brink’s branches located throughout France.