The Swiss Gold Initiative wants:

1. No further Gold sales by the SNB!

2. All Swiss Gold stored in Switzerland! 

3. The Swiss National Bank must keep at least 20% of total assets in the form of Gold!


If you say "No" to the Gold Initiative

If you say "No" to the Swiss Gold Initiative referendum on november 30, these will be the consequences:

  • Switzerland's economic policy will be dictated by the EU

  • Swiss Franc will be tied to a weak EU and a weak Euro

  • UK and Canada will hold CHF 12 billion of our gold that we might never get back

  • Inflation and cost of living will increase dramatically

  • The Swiss National Bank will print additional CHF 100s of billions

  • The Swiss Franc will go down. A weak currency leads to a weak economy

  • Switzerland will own at least CHF 400 billion of EU bonds that could become worthless

  • Switzerland will not be backed by any gold very soon

  • The Swiss National Bank will continue to gamble with our personal assets because the SNB will become a virtual subsidiary of the ECB

Why vote “Yes” for Gold?

A "Yes" vote means that:
  • Switzerland will remain a strong independent nation not influenced by EU or USA

  • The Swiss Franc will be the only currency in the world (partially) backed by gold

  • The Swiss Franc will be very stable, leading to a strong economy

  • Swiss National Bank can no longer gamble with our economy by printing hundreds of billions of worthless paper money



In order to fight a successful campaign, we will need to raise additional funding for the Gold Initiative. Any contribution, large or small would be extremely helpful and welcome. This is a chance for readers around the globe to change the world, one country at a time. All of the donations go directly to the Swiss Gold Initiative campaign in Switzerland.