« Draghigate » looming?

Published by Philippe Herlin | Jul 4, 2013

Weirdly enough, the media didn’t dwell on this amazing issue, and the TV people didn’t even talk about it in their news bulletins. Of course, it’s about one of Europe’s most powerful man, Mario Draghi, head of the European central bank.

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How Germany Disrupted the World's Gold Market

Published by Goldbroker ™ | Jul 4, 2013

Why couldn't Germany have the return of its own property for seven years? Think about this. And perhaps what is happening now will become more clear. It is all a part of the credibility trap, wherein past actions of officials must be hidden in order to protect careers and ensure the orderly function...

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China Showing Some Cracks

Published by Philippe Herlin | Jun 27, 2013

What’s happening in China? The interbank market succumbed to two panic attacks, on June 7th and last week, immediately doused by monetary injections from the central bank, the People's Bank of China, but tensions remain.

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Paper Money Hides The Truth

Published by Egon Von Greyerz | Jun 12, 2013

Paper money hides the truth, and the truth is that most of the increase we have seen in paper wealth is illusory both for individuals and for the world. But it suits the governments to fool their people. This gives them the best chance of being reelected and they also engage in theft through inflat...

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