New Hampshire is one of the few states that do not have a sales tax of any kind. In fact, there are only 5 such states, making New Hampshire very inviting for businesses and investors alike. This is perhaps why has offices here, basing a “fulfilment center” in the state, and why many other big names also have a presence here.

Federal Capital Gains Tax

Across the United States, and in the state of New Hampshire, the Federal Capital Gains Tax applies. This means that, whenever you sell precious metals (and other investments) for a profit, you will remit money to the government. How much you owe depends on personal income, but there is a maximum rate of 28% in place, so you never pay more than this.

Tax Free Precious Metals

There is no sales tax on precious metals in the state of New Hampshire. As mentioned above, it is one of the few states that have exemptions across the board, making this is perfect state for investors and dealers. In fact, New Hampshire attracts buyers from across New England and it has some of the most successful dealers in the country because of this.

There is really no need to purchase online if you live in New Hampshire. In some cases, online bullion dealers may have more variety, particularly when it comes to numismatics, but even then there is a lot of choice in New Hampshire and you shouldn’t be concerned in that regard.



New Hampshire is one of the smallest and least populous states, but it is one with a rich history. It was the first state to declare independence from the British Empire in 1776, and it continued to play a big role in the formation of the United States of America. It doesn’t have the best GDP, and actually has one of the lowest in the country, but it’s not bad for its size, and the median household income is very impressive. New Hampshire has one of the lowest levels of poverty in the entire nation.

New Hampshire, New Wealth

New Hampshire invests a lot of its time and energy into renewable fuel sources such as wind and water power, which in turn helps to power the state’s economy. New Hampshire is home to the largest nuclear reactor in New England, the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant, which supplies nearly a third of all of the state’s power.

There is also a large agricultural sector, with cattle, eggs and more boosting the GDP. A lot of fruit and vegetables are produced in New Hampshire. Much is grown indoors under artificial conditions, as it doesn’t have as much fertile soil or farmland as other states, nor the great weather that provides ideal conditions in places like Florida and California.

Overall, New Hampshire has a very diverse economy and, with its large percentage of millionaires per capita and low unemployment rate, it is generally considered a very good place to live and work.


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