IThere is a 5.3% sales tax in Virginia. In the north of the state, there is an additional local tax in place, bringing it to 6%. All precious metals bought in Virginia are subject to this tax, including (but not limited to) gold and silver bullion bars and coins, numismatic coins, and medals and tokens. There are no loop holes and no exemptions, because according to Virginian state law, these items are classed as personal property and are therefore not exempt from sales tax.

Federal Capital Gains Tax

If you make a profit from selling precious metals in Virginia, regardless of their type or quantity, you must pay a Capital Gains Tax. The amount you pay depends on your income, but it does not go above 28% and it only applies to profits when you sell.

Tax Free Precious Metals

There is currently no tax on the purchase of precious metals coins, bars, and rounds in Virginia.



Virginia is one of the oldest states in the USA, and the first colonial possession to be founded in America under British rule. Before, during and after the British, it was of great importance to the entire nation. Virginia has always played a prominent role in the political field and by housing government buildings such as CIA headquarters in Langley and the Department of Defense at the Pentagon in Arlington County. The government and its agencies are major employers in the state. Agriculture is also big in Virginia, with nearly a third of the state’s land given over to farms for everything from tomatoes to soy, peanuts and tobacco.

Presidential State

Virginia is known as the “Mother of Presidents”, because many of the earliest US Presidents were born or raised here. George Washington was a Virginian, and so were the third, fourth and fifth presidents, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. John Tyler, the tenth President, was also from here. If you include more tenuous links, the number of US presidents from Virginia climbs as high as 8, to include Woodrow Wilson, Zachary Taylor and William Henry Harrison.


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