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China’s Gold: A “Black Swan”?

Published by Dan Popescu | May 11, 2015

China could shock the world when it announces its gold reserves. Any amount above 8,000 tonnes will be a shock in the central bank community and the gold market. Why is China accumulating so much gold? Why is China encouraging its citizens so hard to buy gold?

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The SDR, Gold and China

Published by Dan Popescu | May 4, 2015

Gold has been and still is a de facto currency of last resort. When everything else fails gold shines again. In addition, both China and Russia are preparing themselves for the possible collapse of the present monetary system by buying as much gold as possible.

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Switzerland and Gold: What Next?

Published by Dan Popescu | Apr 21, 2015

Even though Switzerland is a very small country it plays a major role in the gold and foreign exchange markets and can create a shock with a very large impact that some call loosely a “black swan” event.

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