Paper Money Hides The Truth

Published by Egon Von Greyerz | Jun 12, 2013

Paper money hides the truth, and the truth is that most of the increase we have seen in paper wealth is illusory both for individuals and for the world. But it suits the governments to fool their people. This gives them the best chance of being reelected and they also engage in theft through inflat...

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Europe : Zero-Growth

Published by Philippe Herlin | Jun 6, 2013

The european economy’s landscape looks sad... The Eurozone saw its GDP lose 0.2% in the first quarter, and the OECD revised to the downside its forecast for 2013 and sees a 0.6% recession ahead

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Bubbles Everywhere?

Published by Philippe Herlin | May 16, 2013

Are we witnessing the emergence of bubbles everywhere, or isn’t the whole thing becoming a gigantic bubble? All financial assets are going up at the same time, whether it be stocks, sovereign debts, or corporate bonds!

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