This 25 minute video with Matthew Piepenburg and Egon von Greyerz is probably one of the most important discussions that they have had.

For years they have warned investors about the consequences of a system based on unlimited money printing, debt creation and money debasement.

The world economy and the financial system is now on the cusp of a precipice. 

No one can forecast when the coming violent turn will come. 

It can take years or it can happen tomorrow. 

Future historians will tell us when it happened.

In the meantime investors have one duty to themselves and their dependents which is to protect their wealth from total destruction. 

Money printing and debt creation have taken markets to dizzy and unsustainable levels. 

Since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, both global and US debt is up over 80X!

And asset markets have been inflated by this fake money with the Nasdaq up 120X and the S&P up 44X since 1971. 

But the bubbles are not just in stocks but also in bonds,  property, art, other collectibles etc, etc.

In their view, the time to pay the Piper is here and now. The consequences will be costly, even very costly for the investors who ignore this major risk. 

Just as bubble assets can go up exponentially they can implode even faster. 


Sustained corrections of 50% to 90% in stocks and bonds are very possible and when the bubble bursts it will go so fast that there won’t be time to get out or to buy insurance. 

Whether the Everything Bubble turns to the Everything Collapse today or tomorrow, the time to protect your assets is before it happens which means NOW. 

Forecasting the gold price is a Mug’s game . But understanding the significance of gold for protecting against unprecedented risk is not. The Ides of March in mid March this year when 4 US banks, led by Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s second biggest bank all went under in a matter of days. 

That was a rehearsal. Bad debts and rising interest rates are a timebomb for the banking system. So is the $2-3 quadrillion derivatives risk. This gargantuan risks are before us  now and could materialise at any time starting this autumn. 

The risk of A Catastrophic Debt Implosion is just too big to ignore. 

In this video discussion Matt and Egon discuss these risks and most importantly, the best way to protect or insure against this risk. 

Owning physical gold outside the banking system is by far the superior method to preserve wealth.  

But it is not just about buying physical gold but how you own it, where you store it, in what jurisdictions etc.

This is an area which MAM/GoldSwitzerland has focused on for a quarter of a century and has developed a superior system for HNWIs. 

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