WEEK IN REVIEW: June 15-21

Published by Goldbroker ™ | Jun 19, 2015

GoldBroker TV Launch, Gold & Silver Newscast - Episode 1, ‘’Goldbug’’ Analysts Capitulation, Bank of China Joins Auction Setting Gold Prices in London, There’s a Pile of Gold in Manhattan. Texas Wants It Back, Russia Adds 100,000 Ounces of Gold To Its Reserves in May, Go Out And Buy as Much Physical...

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Gold & Silver Newscast - Episode 1

Published by Goldbroker ™ | Jun 16, 2015

  Transcript: 1) Gold broke last week a downtrend started in mid-May while silver remains within the downtrend with no indication as of now it intends to follow gold and break out to the upside. Gold stopped short of $1,195 resistance level and silver dropped from $16.2 and is approac...

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‘’Goldbug’’ Analysts Capitulation

Published by Léonard Sartoni | Jun 15, 2015

Harry Dent (the one predicting gold at $700) is now being joined by many long-time bugs who are seeing gold plummet toward $1,000-$900... before it takes off to $5,000! I call this the final capitulation of the analysts. They are throwing the towel on this frustrating sector and their short- and mid...

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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Jun 13, 2015

Silver: Commodity or Money?, DOJ Probes Banks for Silver, Gold Price Manipulation, First Majestic Silver CEO Dings CFTC On Silver Market Manipulation, Did COMEX Just Receive A Physical Gold Bailout From The Feds?, EU Regulators Order 11 Countries To Adopt Bail-In Rules, MUST SEE CHART: Major Bank Fr...

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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Jun 5, 2015

Silver: Commodity or Money?, First Majestic Silver CEO complains to CFTC About Market Manipulation, You Cannot Stop Coming Financial Bust, China's Gold Imports On Track For A New Record, Who's Next? China Finally Starts Snapping Up Gold Miners, China's 10,000 Tons of Gold Will Destroy the Dollar, Th...

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Silver: Commodity or Money?

Published by Dan Popescu | Jun 2, 2015

So many articles and books have been written about gold as money, but so few about silver. However, a lot more silver has been used as money than gold, mostly because of its lower value and therefore being easier to transact for day-to-day needs.

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Published by Goldbroker ™ | May 30, 2015

Why Should We Store our Gold Outside the Banking System ?, China Establishes World's Largest Physical Gold Fund, G7 Agree in Principle to Add Chinese Currency to IMF's SDR Basket, Why Russia Is On A Gold Buying Spree, Bill Murphy-Blowup of Gold and Silver Markets Coming, Currency Wars, Gold Pools, a...

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Published by Goldbroker ™ | May 22, 2015

GoldBroker Apps : Gold & Silver Prices - Precious Metals Market News, Austria To Repatriate 110 Tonnes of Gold From BOE, Americans Fear Beijing, Moscow May Introduce New Gold Standard, Will China go For a Gold Standard? The Jury is Out!, What my Trip to Thailand Taught me About Asian Gold Demand, Go...

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