The Gold Market Is in Short-Squeeze Mode

Published by Léonard Sartoni | Mar 23, 2016

Since February, the gold market has been in short-squeeze mode. This is a process by which excessive speculation on the declining gold price is being eliminated. The more the price goes up, the more of those speculators are forced to buy back their short positions.

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Gold and the Minsky Moment

Published by Dan Popescu | Mar 21, 2016

The debt crisis is a direct consequence of exiling gold from the international monetary system. It cannot be replaced by the dollar or any other irredeemable currency. Under the dollar system debt simply cannot be extinguished.

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The House Of Cards Is Coming Down

Published by Egon Von Greyerz | Feb 12, 2016

Deutsche Bank is bankrupt. China’s $30 trillion credit bubble will implode. Most banks will not survive. Banks stocks are down 20-50% this year and credit default swaps are surging in price. Hedge funds and speculators are losing fortunes on a surging yen. Short Yen was a guaranteed winner. But that...

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Nomi Prins: Entering Into a Global Bear Market

Published by Dan Popescu | Feb 5, 2016

Here are the key points raised in this interview with Nomi Prins: International codependency of countries  Have central banks reached their limit? Are central banks in panic mode? Too big to fail banks Gold and the potential ban of cash Gold vs the US dollar...

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Iran, Saudi Arabia and Gold

Published by Dan Popescu | Feb 2, 2016

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are to be watched closely as it concerns official gold reserves in 2016. Pressure has been mounting recently on Saudi Arabia to de-link the riyal from the US dollar and, if it happens, I am sure it will be positive for gold.

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Markets are Tanking and They Still Don’t Know Why

Published by Philippe Herlin | Jan 28, 2016

2016 is off to a very bad start for the stock markets worldwide: they have lost approximately 10% of their value since January 1st, one of the worst starts of a year in stock market history. Since their peak of last June, stock markets worldwide have declined by 20%, according to Bloomberg, which co...

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