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Dying Capitalism & The New Feudalism
Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Dec 14, 2020 | Articles 4022

Today, with central banks engaged in open Wall Street socialism wherein artificially repressed rates and unlimited QE have directly benefited the two largest asset classes in America, namely real estate and stocks, we can’t deny the cause-and-effect powers (as well as beneficiaries) of such “accommodation”. It’s an objective fact that 80% of those assets are owned by the top 10%.

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Gold: Fire Insurance For Currencies Already Burning To The Ground
Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Dec 13, 2020 | Articles 7108

In the current paradigm shift, gold will rise not because gold only rises in inflationary periods (after all, gold recently hit new highs in an openly deflationary global setting). Instead, gold will rise simply because currency purchasing power will tank (and is already tanking) as inflationism progresses from a slow trot, to a cantor and then to a full gallop.

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The Madness of Crowds, the Sanity of Gold
Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Nov 12, 2020 | Articles 3181

In short, global currencies are among the first dominos to fall in an artificial global economy sustained by grotesque levels of debt paid for by equally grotesque levels of fiat money creation. Inevitably, economies and markets fall in succession with their currencies. The historical cure for such currency madness is a gold, which far from being a “barbarous relic” of the past, is a timeless solution for the future.

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