Matterhorn Asset Management partner, Matthew Piepenburg, sits down with Rick Rule and Jim Rickards at the recent Rick Rule Precious Metals Symposium to discuss the future of the USD, the rising BRICS tide and the Realpolitik of any realistic (i.e., immediate) gold-backed BRICS trade currency.

Each of the trio share their views on the de-dollarization trend, with Piepenburg and Rule taking a far less optimistic view of any immediate gold-backed trading currency emerging among the BRICS nations in 2023.

Toward this end, Piepenburg argues that not even BRICS nations are ready to limit themselves or their financial powers to a gold-backed trading currency; and certainly not to a gold-backed sovereign currency. That said, all agree that the weaponized USD is losing trust and that the UST is losing demand as a post-sanction world moves further and further away from Dollar-based trade agreements.

For Piepenburg, the end-game is clear. Debt drives policy and debt drives current market directions. This debt will not and cannot be sustained by GDP growth or tax revenues, which means ultimately money printers will continue to de-value that world reserve currency, and hence devalue the once hegemonic respect for the US holder of that currency. All agree that gold’s role in protecting investors from this increasingly beleaguered, self-destructive, debased and less popular US currency is becoming increasingly clear.

Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland

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