History Repeating Itself

Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Jan 18, 2021
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Ever since Nixon welched on the U.S. dollar in 1971 and took away this global reserve currency’s gold backing, currencies around the world have behaved like teenagers at a keg party without a chaperone.

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Dying Capitalism & The New Feudalism

Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Dec 14, 2020
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Today, with central banks engaged in open Wall Street socialism wherein artificially repressed rates and unlimited QE have directly benefited the two largest asset classes in America, namely real estate and stocks, we can’t deny the cause-and-effect powers (as well as beneficiaries) of such “accommo...

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Golden Advice: Bet Against The “Experts”

Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Dec 7, 2020
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For decades, the majority of risk asset investors have either ignored or ridiculed buyers of gold and silver. But here’s the rub: For decades (in fact, for centuries) being in the myopic majority has been a mistake, and this is no less true today when it comes to the topic of precious metals.

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The Madness of Crowds, the Sanity of Gold

Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Nov 12, 2020
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In short, global currencies are among the first dominos to fall in an artificial global economy sustained by grotesque levels of debt paid for by equally grotesque levels of fiat money creation. Inevitably, economies and markets fall in succession with their currencies. The historical cure for such...

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