Dedicated Gold

The term "dedicated gold" is used when an investor owns 100% of one or more bars in his/her name. Each bar is identified by a unique serial number as well as a certificate of authenticity issued by the refiner. This is different from mutualized gold, where one bar is shared by several investors.

Administrative Process

Bullion dealers or brokers use the services of companies specializing in secure storage. For gold to be dedicated to one investor, the storage company has to know his/her name and, for that purpose, proof of identity and proof of residence must be provided by the dealer or broker. The most serious brokers will sign a storage contract with the investor.


Your precious metals are insured by an independent insurance company. Its name and conditions are detailed in the storage contract.

Storage Certificate

Once the administrative process is finalized and the gold has been delivered to the storage facility, the storage certificate is issued. The certificate states the investor’s full name, the storage location, and a list of the bars with their precise characteristics (weight, refiner’s name, serial number). This constitutes an ownership title, certifying that there is no intermediary between the investor and his/her gold.


Since the investor is known by the storage company, an appointment can be made to go and verify the precious metals without an employee of the dealer or broker having to be present. The investor can verify the stock in person, and withdraw the gold, in part or in whole, if he/she wishes.


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