Home Storage

Keeping your coins and bullion at home is often the first option that comes to mind for investors. The advantage is that you are not dependent on anyone. You have your gold at your fingertips and you can move it freely. However, there are many risks and drawbacks to this solution.

The risks of home storage

Even if it is reassuring to keep your gold close to you, home storage is risky. The number of gold-related thefts and burglaries is increasing.

You can install a safe, but this requires space, finding a suitable location and doing some work to securely seal the safe. Safes are resistant to fire or flooding, but not to theft. As for robberies (home-jacking), no safe is resistant to them...

If you opt for home storage, discretion is essential. A well-informed and ill-intentioned person could leave with your precious metals without too much difficulty.

That said, don't forget to inform trusted family members about the location of your gold. In case of death, they should be able to easily find your bullion or coins. Or, the future owner of your home may be pleasantly surprised to discover a treasure while doing some renovation work.

Please note that keeping your gold at home is not covered by insurance. You will have a hard time finding an insurance policy that will cover your precious metals, especially if they are in large quantities. In case of theft, you will not be compensated.

Living in peace is also essential. There is no point in keeping your gold at home if you are going to worry about it every time you go on vacation or away for the weekend.

Of course, one can afford to keep a few bullion bars or coins at home. But if you have a lot of them, storing them could become problematic.

Finally, by keeping your gold at home, you take it out of the professional circuit. It loses its market integrity and its maximum resale value. Storing at home may make it more difficult for you to resell your precious metals, as the buyer will doubt the quality of the precious metals.

The most secure storage solution

The preservation and security of your precious metals are of utmost importance. We recommend that you store your bullion and coins outside of the banking system, in vaults managed by a company specialized in the safekeeping of valuables goods. This is the best option to keep your gold safe, to have peace of mind and to access it quickly if needed. Your gold will be protected by the most advanced security measures, but also by an insurance contract.

Certain conditions must also be met: the storage company must have extensive experience and a solid reputation in the storage of gold bars and coins. It must be private and independent of the banking system. The gold must be held in your own name, which will allow you to have direct access to the vaults to withdraw your metals in case of emergency.

This storage solution limits the risks and inconveniences inherent to storage in a bank vault or at home. Moreover, the storage of precious metals is not the job of a modern bank, nor yours. The transportation and handling of gold is a skill in its own right, which is why it is best left to the experts.


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