Giving Gold as a Gift

Just as gold has held a unique place of value and symbolism across all cultures and times, so has the giving of it to demonstrate love or affection, admiration or appreciation.

Smart, Meaningful, Memorable

Time Magazine, in 2015, identified 3 essential elements for successful holiday gift-giving (for our purposes, we think it’s no stretch to apply the concept to the other major occasions for which presents are common, such as birthdays, weddings, and so on). According to the article, the elements of a perfect gift, as opposed to a great gift, are generosity, insight, and emotional impact. Gold responds resoundingly on all three counts.

Generosity: True gold (as in bullion) is a serious investment. Its precious quality and finite supply convey upon it significant value. It is, indeed, a plain metaphor for the best “thing” the physical world has to offer. Always has been. So, as a gift, it has an undeniable “wow” factor.

Insight: Gold speaks to the importance of wealth, and of saving, and thinking about the future. As an example, the gift of a bullion coin or bar is a statement of hope and confidence to the parents of a newborn. Cash says shoes and diapers; gold says first car and college.

Emotional Impact: Expressed in the element of surprise, it is highly unlikely that anybody but a committed numismatist will be unwrapping a gold coin, and one can safely predict that nobody else will have thought to say Happy 21st Birthday with a gold wafer.

We will offer these other excellent reasons why gold makes the perfect, not merely a suitable, gift.

Pragmatism: The recipient can sell it for cash at any or the right time. Gold retains its financial value and states, in no uncertain terms, the value of the interpersonal relationship.

Certainty: Gold is never a bad choice. The question of what to give to one who has everything or who is seemingly impossible to please has its answer in the gift of gold.

Impression: Imagine, for instance, giving an American Gold Eagle as a bonus to each of your employees, perhaps with the note that Julius Caesar gave gold coins to each of his soldiers after conquering a new land. It’s a statement of success, gratitude, and solidarity.

Precious metals in general, and gold in particular, are intelligent acquisitions, whether as a gift or for oneself. Gold has held its real value and easy liquidity for thousands of years. In such respects, it has few rivals, none of which surpasses it.

You may browse this web site to select your perfect gift, or tell a expert about your recipient(s), reason for giving, and budget. The right choice for you may be a 1 oz. gold bar for an individual, or one roll of 10 1 oz. coins for group gifting. If you relate to at least some of the points above, you should have no doubt that, whatever you decide, you will be making the right choice.

Americans in general adhere to the principle that, in giving, we receive. This is remarkably expressed in the now-annual tradition of the anonymous dropping of gold coins — American Eagles, Krugerrands, Libertads, Maple Leafs — into Salvation Army red kettles at Christmas time. Some give pennies; some give gold (1 coin valued at well over $1,000): it’s all a display of the generous American spirit.

They do, after all, call it the Golden Rule.

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