Goldman Sachs Is Above the Law!

Published by Philippe Herlin | Aug 29, 2013

Goldman Sachs is above the law. On August 20th, this prestigious business bank is stung with a giant computer bug : their program sends out false orders in great quantities on the american options market and on certain quoted index funds. Which de-stabilizes these markets, and just goes to show how...

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Emerging Countries : The End Game?

Published by Philippe Herlin | Aug 22, 2013

According to Morgan Stanley, in the week starting August 14, $760 million have been withdrawn from emerging countries funds, $590 million of which in Asia, for both stock shares and debt obligations. And this is the third consecutive week of withdrawals

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Published by Philippe Herlin | Aug 8, 2013

There is no recovery. But, since the mainstream media and the governments keep repeating it over and over again and since we prefer believing good news than bad news, a majority of people believe in this so-called recovery. This is why the stock market is up and gold is down.

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Gold Market Was on Fire

Published by Egon Von Greyerz | Jul 29, 2013

On Sunday it was incorrectly reported that the JP Morgan Gold vault on Broad Street had caught fire. Let me categorically state that even the world's best pyromaniac would most likely fail burning down a Gold vault. And let me explain why it is virtually impossible....

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