The ECB to Open Liquidity Spigots

Published by Philippe Herlin | Dec 5, 2013

According to the Bank of Italy, of the 255 billion euros borrowed from the ECB through the LTRO, italian banks only reimbursed 15%, or 38 billion euros. So, there still remains 217 billion euros to be paid in 2014... and for Spain, the amounts are just about the same.

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Says Bernanke : QE Not Causing Dow Jones Bubble

Published by Philippe Herlin | Nov 28, 2013

Don’t laugh, but Ben Bernanke refutes the fact that easy monetary policy from the Fed has favored Wall Street... he even goes as far as saying it has helped the middle class! Quote : « Even though this may come as a shock, I don’t agree. Our monetary policy has helped american households to improve...

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U.S. Debt Becoming A Riskier Asset

Published by Philippe Herlin | Oct 24, 2013

With the shutdown absurd showdown – temporarily – over, we are now faced with having to re-evaluate the U.S. debt in depth. Is it still a safe, risk-free asset, with the Fed backing it forever with new money? This is an important question.

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IMF Condoning the Plundering of Bank Accounts

Published by Philippe Herlin | Oct 16, 2013

As we’ve been saying at the time, the spoliation of bank accounts in Cyprus this last March to save their banks was but a general rehearsal. We’ve also learned that there is a european proposal on the table to have depositors of over 100,000 euros contribute should there be a bank bailout in a Euroz...

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