Gold's stock value was 1 trillion dollars in 1999 & almost hit 10 trillion dollars in 2011 - currently sitting on 7.437 trillion.



Bitcoin's crypto value was 20 billion & now has risen to 120 billion in much the same manner.



What many do not realise is that whilst Bitcoin might rise another 10 fold up to 1.2 trillion there's every good chance that gold will rise in it's next cycle from 5 to 10 fold.

Gold's next cycle high is due in early 2020 & a 5 fold rise would raise it's stock value to 37 trillion dollars - 10 fold up to 74 trillion (and some fear bitcoin overtaking gold).

This rampant growth in safe haven wealth money in both Gold & Bitcoin is representative of the inflationary rise in fiat assets that has been fueled by Central Banks around the world.

At this stage of the financial cycle with sharemarkets looking topped out, bonds & many fiat assets most overvalued it is good to have a foot in both Gold & Bitcoin to secure ones wealth through the coming financial meltdown.

No doubt the oldies prefer gold & the youngsters prefer bitcoin but the asset classes are much the same - secured wealth stored away.