The EU wants to limit the amount of cash per citizen. The path to a totalitarian society is becoming increasingly clear. And it is more necessary than ever from the point of view of the rulers, because the financial system can break any day. Money supply is growing rapidly in the U.S. and the Eurozone, with the ECB's balance sheet growing much faster than the Fed's. Will the euro fall before the dollar? Quite possibly. Social unrest due to C19 restrictions is spreading, but it has deeper causes, be it failed immigration policies or the ever-widening gap between rich and poor. If food shortages are added to the mix, there is even more potential for escalation. Gold reached $1,920 in 2011 and 10 years later, with the ECB balance sheet quadrupled, it is at $1,800. Gold is reflecting the devaluation of paper money, but so far it is not doing so. Use the opportunity, because it will live up to its role.

Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland